19 April 2016

The Nursery

We aren't finding out the sex of the baby. So, the nursery has been a challenge. but also so much fun. I always had my heart set on a vintage vibe. (Shocking, I know.) I just love, love, love vintage baby stuff, and I thought it would be a fun way to incorporate some of both mine and hubs' toys and clothes. 

The crib (and matching changing table) were a hand-me-down gift from a friend of my mom's. Score! I loved that it was white, and hello, expense avoided. I used a throw-sized quilt that my meemaw made as the bed skirt, and the mobile is a thrift find. It is EXACTLY like the one I had as a child. I was so excited to find it. A friend purchased it for my birthday prize yearrrs before I was even pregnant. Totally normal.

Chair: The 'rocker' is not actually a rocker. It bounces. I discovered it while shopping one day at IKEA and I was in the home stretch, and could see the registers, but my girl was still shopping, so I spotted it and decided to take a rest. Um, heaven. The lumbar support is fantastic. Did I mention that it bounces? Once I realized it had a matching footstool I was sold. (It is available in a rocker as well, and a couple of other colors.)

Ladder: Found in a neighbor's trash. Sanded down a bit, and used to store baby blankies. The ones seen are a mix of some I had as a child and some that have been beautiful handmade gifts for baby. (I have more in the trunk!)

Trunk: Estate sale find, $18. Used to store more blankies. Smelled kinda funky, but I did the charcoal soak in there, and added a box of baking soda and it helped tremendously.

Wall Art: The pictures are from a Richard Scarry story book. I struggled with tearing pages out of a book. But - I found two thrifted copies, and one had crayon marks all in it, so it made it easier on my soul to remove pages. They are just held up with washi tape, the greatest invention ever. Pretty and no holes in the wall. 
              The ABC's are letters from a game, and can easily be found on etsy if you search 'vintage letter cards'. I used scrapbook paper as a background, and some baker's twine for the string annnnd more washi tape. 

Lamp: Also IKEA

Shelf: Wait for it ... IKEA. (Shelf // Brackets)

Toys: Mixture of hubs', thrift finds and shower gifts. *LOVE* vintage Fisher Price. 

Scripture Art: Made for me for a dear friend of mine's daughter. So, so precious to me. Thought it was PERFECT with my two thrifted praying kids. 

Books: Collection of vintage kids' books over the years and gifts for baby. 

Giraffe: Walmart, circa like, 2002. (Hello, Geoffrey.)

Lamp: He was all kinds of shiny and brown and 1970's scary. He was a flea market find that got spray painted white and calmed down with a burlap shade. (See that post here.)

Bookshelf: This thing has been around since my childhood. I think my mom got it somewhere used even then. I remember my brothers tearing the crap out of it. Now, it's the perfect rustic/worn for Baby Davis' room.

So, Babe's room is pretty small, like 10 x 10. I got to thinking, Babe doesn't really need a lot of true closet space right now. So, we stuck the changing table in there. I cozied it up a bit with some curtains (IKEA, you shoulda known, but - I couldn't find a link), and a fabric garland I made. I thought the shelving would be great for wipes and diapers, swaddling blankets, etc.

Y'all. I am mildly obsessed with both of these. The one on the left was a baby shower gift from a family friend who has known me since I was a baby. My meemaw spotted it in a local thrift store, and the friend bought it. It is sooooooo fab, no? I think it's a balance of pink and blue (ps, I hate whoever made the pink and blue gender association thing) - the part where the baby would lean back has a sweet blue bunny. (Thanks to Eleanor Elephant for modeling.)

The one on the right I got at a flea market again, yearrrs before being pregnant. It was $15! I couldn't help myself. This one has a bell (which may get detached later on). The dog is already freaked by the sound.

The painting is of Curtis Loew when him was just a sweet widdle 9 months old. So  precious. My first baby. The blue bird is Fisher Price vintage. He plays music and has a lovely prayer written on the back of him, clearly made before the country became offended by the God that made them.

This little sweater has bloomers that match. It is actually a minty green, and not blue. This was mine when I was a wee one.

My meemaw gave us this and I was so excited to hang it using old diaper pins. I like that the diaper pins are visible in the room, and that you can see the texture of the cross stitch.

My cousins gave me the vintage Evenflo formula measurer. Isn't it fantastic?? The pinwheels are from a shower, and again, I bought the vintage circus book with records yearrrs ago because it is freakin' awesome. The little ceramic bootie back there was mine when I was a babe. Q-tips!

The carousel art was a vintage find from Goodwill. Holler!

My teddy bear bank from when I was a babe that I *believe* was made by my great, great aunt.

Amen cross stitch: Thrifted.

Elephant hamper: Amazon.

Now we just need a sweet Baby Davis to hang out in here. We are so thankful for both this sweet babe, and the long journey it took to get here, to make it even sweeter. God is so so good.


Tracy said...

Love it! Lots of memories!

Teresa Burch said...

Simply amazing!! Love it!

Teresa Burch said...

Simply amazing!! Love it!

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