01 November 2011

WHO AM I?!? Petey Pab ....

if you just finished that lyric in your head, I won't tell anybody. 

The way my mind works is about as random as this post title, my friends. I really wanted to write a good post tonight, but this is what's happenin in my brain instead:

I love this fall nail color obsession, but I CANNOT STAND the feel of polish on my fingernails. That's why this happens:

Yes, that's right, I chew it off like a dog. Once, I got yucky acrylic nails for prom. COULD NOT DEAL. The next day, I chewed them off, chunk by chunk. It was a REAL HOT MESS by the time I was done. I also grind my teeth in my sleep, and gently slide them back and forth over each other all day while I'm awake. Do y'all think my coffee/diet mt. dew habit could be contributing to this psycho neurotic nervousness? Hmmmmm..... I've given up gluten and deal with diabetes daily, so I'm not ready to part with my caffeine.


My blood sugar's been high as a kite, and it's the "first week of the month" which means, it's not time for it to be high as hades. So, I'm upset. Just when you think you've remotely got it figured out ... WTH?!?!
 It is fascinating to me that there are people out there who have pancreases that REGULATE their blood sugar. They can eat, sleep, menstruate, work out, and their pancreas just DEALS WITH IT. Straight up cray-cray.


I am in love with Mik Wright. I have so many pics that would be awesome for this, but I worry about copyrights. Or people never speaking to me again. 


I hate that Christmas means giving 1,867 people something. I don't wanna buy a bunch of shiz, and I don't need to receive a bunch of shiz. I wanna rebel! It'd be much more fun to do a giant ornament exchange, right? Some people can afford to go out and buy whatever they want for themselves, and they expect you to give them whatever they want for Christmas. Or spending hundreds of dollars on kids just because they are kids. Well, gross, no thanks. Wouldn't Christmas be much more fun if it was Leave it to Beaver style? Where Christmas was about decorating, and baked goods, and dad not going to work, and snuggling in your bunny slippers while listening to jolly Christmas music, and oh yeah, 
Jesus. 'member Him?


I wish I could make enough to scrounge by via blogging and running a booth full of magical treasures at the Raleigh Flea Market, and eventually a real store in downtown Raleigh. Ha! Don't we all? Oh, and I want to learn to needle point and knit, and do all the shiz I see on Pinterest. Did y'all know I turned 28 68 on my last birthday? I mean, I see stuff like this (spotted on a chick at work, who got it at Buckle) and salivate, and then I think, "I could totally make that, right? I mean, it looks like a bunch of knots."

 I guess until I can make everything my way, I'll be satisfied with the ice cold DMD's at work for only 60 cents. That's two quartahs and a dime, y'all! Life is good.

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