05 October 2014


Welp, we had our first legit "cool" day. Break out the hoodies! Throw some chili in the pot! Yessir, enjoy it while it lasts! It'll be 80° next week.

Because I love you, I'm posting some high quality phone pics, complete with awkward faces, evidence of how good Anj's chili is was and general blur.
Did you see the dancing skeleton? He is gettin' his groove on in the "art hole" for the time being.
He kinda brightens my day.
Also, you may have noticed that I was excited to get to use my Goodwill afghan.

Also, here are a few recent pieces that are up on the Facebook page.
I need an Etsy shop. I am procrastinating.
Tell me it's amazing and user friendly and super easy and I am just being silly.

Also, we met "the dog" in real life.
I shall not post a photo until he legit lives here.
I may have an issue with the fear of things falling through.
But - I already picked out the perfect name for him.
You just wait.

I am off to have a few swigs of Diet Coke before bed.
My caffeine/diet drink addiction is in full swing.
It is so hard for me.
I wish I loved water.


Oh, oh. Also, there's this new pic at the bottom of the home page of my blog:

Do I not look like I'm running for office?

Vote Shug in Boots for ... ? .... HBIC
Ice cold Diet Mt. Dew in every vending machine!
Animal abusers to be tied up naked, covered in pork chops and surrounded by Rottweilers.
Michael's coupons 40% of entire purchase! No purchase limits!

01 October 2014


Crazy, right?

We bought a 1959 brick split level, and every day, I'm all like, "Omigyahh, I need to blog about this!" But I would then pick up a paint brush, or go buy a mannequin, or get on Craigslist & find a 50's Formica dining set, or get sucked into Pinterest instead. Also, somewhere in the mix I had carpal tunnel surgery. (Came with a really cool foam thingie that looked like a piece of one of those cat mansions.) And, I chopped all my hair off and it feels FABULOUS. Also, we mayyy get a dog. Anywho, a lot goin' on, and before I knew it, it was October. Praise the Lord! So sick of sweatin'!

We knew from the beginning that we didn't want anything new, and we didn't want a house in an HOA hood. That eliminated a bunch. I've always dreamed of an older house with tons of character, and that, my shugs, is what we found.
And, I am all up in some love over it!

I am starting to feel anxiety about all that has happened and how there is no way I could communicate it all through pictures, but we will do what we can in baby steps, mmmk? Today, let's discuss the living room.

 Top is how it looked in the listing // Bottom is how it looked when we bought it
 I like to call this color Shiny Earwax. It was in the living room, and all the halls. Woof.
Jewel tones aren't really my thing either.

Meanwhile, we found this mid century love seat at an estate sale for $40.
I liked the color the way it was, but it had some sun damage and some stains, and I hated the skirt.
IMO, paying to have something reupholstered is only worth it if a piece is vintage/antique or has some kind of sentimental value because upholstery can get expensive quickly.

Here's the before and after:
I lucked up and found a fabric almost the exact same avocado green, and it was dirt cheap at a discount fabric store! 

Here's the living room now (complete with Halloween decor):
  The couch is from a Habitat ReStore.
The gallery wall is a mix of my work, and thrifted pieces hit up with some spray paint.
The Halloween garland above is fabric scraps I already had, and the skulls are from Michael's. (Styrofoam, $1.59, couldn't find them online.)

And the sideboard is to the right (not visible in the above photo):
It was a splurge purchase, but it was worth it. 
A) It's gorgeous B) I can decorate the top! C) I hide lots of stuff in it.

We hit up the IKEA:

(as coffee table)

(pillow forms sold separately from covers)

... and West Elm:
(tip: Hanging curtains the entire height of the wall, with only the edges of the windows being covered, as opposed to hanging them over the windows completely, makes the windows & the room look bigger! Check it out here. Huge difference, y'all!)

Another tip:
A live plant will do wonders for the look and feel of a sitting space!

We still need:
* a light fixture (ordered from Restoration Hardware, not here yet)
* a chair for the left corner that you can barely see in these pics ... TBD
* art for this hole:

We already picked it out ... ;)

Oh, and the business.
I realized I like to paint!
Check me out on Facebook and on Instagram @shuginboots.
I paint whatever tickles my fancy, and I also do customized pieces with text/colors of your choice.

Y'all remember Brody? Him is so handsome!

Have a lovely Wednesday, shugs!
I'm off to steal one of the hubs' Cherry Lemon Sundrops from the fridge.