22 July 2012

dj shug bone - pontoon dreams

IMHO, life would suck mayjah without music. And I like all kinds. Remember Limewire and whatever the other major one was Napster where you totally jacked music for free, and there'd be all kinds of busted bootleg versions of crap on there? Then, you thought about piracy, and how it was sketch, and you should prolly stop that?

Every morning in high school, before I got my license, my BFF would pick me up and we'd listen to Bone Thugs, Eve and Jimi Hendrix amongst hundreds of other randoms as loud as it'd go with one of the following beverages in hand:
1) Diet Mt. Dew {can}
2) Diet Dr. Pepper {bottle}
3) some kinda mocha coffee concoction from the local coffee shop whose name I cannot recall Barrister's

I swear, it was what enabled me to drag outta bed in the mornin and not skip school - most of the time.

I also decided that my future children will be exposed to all kinds of la musica from the womb on out {no pun intended}. Biggie, Tupac, Bone ... they are my kinda party, friends.

But, I like country too. Soooo.... today, I'd like to share my love obsession for this LBT magic. I wake up with this in my head quite frequently recently, or it'll just randomly pop in at any given point in the day and I welcome it with open arms. 

 {PONTOON by Little Big Town}

I dig the video and would very much like to be on the boat with them, sipping bevies, wearing aviators, rockin wedges, a romper, and perhaps a fedora.

Back this hitch bitch up into the water....

Here's the video if you care to partake:

On the PONtoon, 
makin waves and catchin rays up on the roof.
 Jumpin off the back, 
don't act like you don't want to ...
party in slow motion
out here in the open


Amin said...

haha. You're AWESOME

Tracy said...

Love it!
Wish I was on the pontoon ith them as well.