24 July 2012

you should drank this

I could spend a fortune on iced bevies from Starbucks, but let's be honest. 

I ain't got a fortune. {And, goin to Starbucks on the daily would involve me gettin up, doin hair and face so as not to be frightening, and by the time I've done all that, **** it.} Plus, the Starbucks version leaves me feelin' a taaaad too cracked out.

So, I make this shiz at home, and you can too. The good part, is you can decide on milk type {no fatty, supa fatty, almond, whatever}, your hot chocolate mix can be sugar-free or real deal holyfield or whatever, and you can do high octane or decaf. Whateva you want, playa!!

I brew my coffee, and then mix in my Truvia and hot chocolate mix while it's hot so that all dissolves together. 

I then put it all into the stainless steel shaker, which has already been in the freezer for awhile to speed up the process.

I let it sit in the shaker in the freezer for about an hour to get it nice and cool, and then I dump in however much milk I want, and shake, shake shake. 

Dump it over ice.

Add bomb diggity whipped cream.



Abigaylemae said...

YES!! DD is the BEST coffee for home...Chris and I chug the french vanilla!

Tracy said...

Sounds yummy. Make your mama one.