12 August 2012

dear fall, brang yo self on heah!

i'm ready to exchange half nekkidness for these goodies:


minus the hardcore, shiny leggings

minus purse

with boots instead of flats
IMHO tight jeans, flats, fat ass = not all at once

minus all the Tory Burch shit

yes, please

yes, please

yes, please

fur vest and earrings

errthang but the purse

ahh, pinterest.

fall = football & tasty, toasty clothes, and not to mention:

* crisp, cool mornings

* bright leaves

*pumpkin spice lattes

* boots

* boots

* boots

yay, yay, yay!


Amin said...

Love your style!! I need fall boots among a million other things.

Andrew said...

The first sign of fall arrived Friday for me: NCSU football tickets!