25 August 2012

party @ beef's

I think for my 30th birthday {which is oh, over 10 months away, but who gives?} that I want to have a party.

A big one.

And here's who I want in attendance:

{I mean, maybe we'll wanna play some basketball, or put on our cowboy hats & boots and go ridin}

{eric church - some of best NC has to offer - other than yours truly, of course}

{red headed men are always fun, am i right or am i right?}

{i wanna be the fourth pistol annie - shugar annie?}

we could have the party somewhere like this:

and we could entertain ourselves with the following:

we can cook a pig
{even if it is july} 

 and eat on awesome plates like this:
and since pistol annies and eric would be there anyway, they could play these songs:


Cori said...

I'm totally in!!

Cori said...
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Tracy said...

If I had a party like that it would be private.

Allie @ Tales of a TwentySomething said...

Add me to the list! That is my kinda party. Just have Eric brink Luke and we're good to go :)

rxforfashion said...

Wow sounds like a fun 30th. But sorry Tatum Channing is already booked for my event!! Lol but since it's your birthday I may just unbook him for you!
Ty Azarov
(My closet /blog name is Ty Az)