31 August 2012

thank GOD it's football friday!!!!

while we will not be watchin our nc state shugpies in atlanta for the chicfila kickoff game
we are gone be in the raleighwood where you can find us and a handful of friends wearin nc stizzle red. we will be eating and drinking bevies and shouting obscenities at the tv cheering on our team.

and i am out of the normal range excited and shaking and would like to squeal like a pig giddy with excitement.

i shall be wearing these items.
love me some slobbering wolf.
(shout out to my girl, ber)


get excited!!!

shit is about to be ONNNN.


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Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

The husband will be watching NCSU tonight! Although, he didn't go to the school he still watches the games. We're a WVU household! xoxo