30 October 2012

Halloween costumes should not be bought as one piece

I think I can thank my mama for my love of Halloween. When we were kids, our costumes were not some random last minute purchase. {There was no Walmart. Roses was it. And even so, a random store-bought costume was just not gonna get it.}
We would scavenge closets - our closets, her closet, my grandparents' closets, aunts' and uncles' closets - whosever to get what we needed to feel that the mission had been accomplished. One time, Mama used orange food colorin in my little brother, Eric's hair because he was a pumpkin that year. Took a week to completely wash out.

You can see below that I am one awesome gypsy.
And that lil fella is my brother. Truth be told, at that age, he dressed like that everyday, minus the 'stache. Tool belt, too. Although, I don't think Mama would let him wear it to school.
The cowgirl is my friend Amanda. She would often go with us.
{What is Eric tryin to steal from Amanda's pocket?}


Amanda - a hippie. Me - Cher? Another hippie?
 Eric - the pirate.

Those floral pants that Amanda's wearing are mine. I totally rocked them in 5th grade on the regular. Those polka dotted ones that I'm wearing too.

I remember we would always get cheeseburgers and hotdogs from Stuart's and get an early start. You see, we didn't go door-to-door. My mama drove us all over the county to people's houses that we knew. Being diabetic, they always had something special for me. Everything from baggies of change, pencils, erasers, stickers, Lisa Frank notebooks, sugar-free gum, to turnips. And any candy that I couldn't eat would be brought home and sold to my uncle for the price of $5.
Thanks, Buck.


Love Halloween.
I still love the magic of it even now.
Posting this year's pics later in the week.

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