27 October 2012

Happy Birthday Big Silas

Today is the F.I.L.'s b-dizzle.

I love me some Silas.
If you know him, you are lucky.
There really are no words. 
But, we'll try.

As a tribute, hubs and  I have worked to compile a "List of Silas":

when a food is really, really good, to show your appreciation and excitement, hop from one foot to the other sayin somethin like, "oooooooh wheeeeeee! that's good eatin!"

ASAP = As Southern As Possible

SPF 70 sunscreen

"Peaches" from a mason jar

 "Apples" from a mason jar

special order shoes - because the best NC State runners' feet are narrow and have no arch



"You pooshin or pullin back there?"

"I'm sick and tarred of ... (endless possibilities here, folks).

yuppies = the ruination of Charlotte and the South as a culture

6 scoops of Mayfield ice cream = one Silas-sized serving
{Apparently this is genetic}

Upon telling any story:
* hand usage for emphasis * 
"Well, well, now, you see .......... you see."

"There's plenty of tomatoes/okra/beans now. Y'all come on an' pick 'em before they get rotten."

 National Geographic Magazine

Wall Street Journal


after a good meal, put on your snuggly clothes and find you a good chair to take you a nap
{or forgo the snuggly clothes, whatev}

We heart Big Silas.

Happy Birthday!!!

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