09 November 2012

Bruises and Beer With Jesus

Happy Friday, Y'all!

I'm doin pretty good, maself. Had some McAlister's for lunch, we got comp'ny comin, and hubs is gettin off work early!

Whoop! Whoop!

I wanted to share these two songs with y'all today. You may have heard em already.
The first one is by Train, and Ashley Monroe {the cute blonde from Pistol Annies}. I love this song. It's about the friendship between a guy and girl, and gettin together to talk about life, ten years after highschool. Life happens and things suck, we all got bruises. But, if you're lucky, you have some good friends still by your side when you need em!

Bruises by Train featuring Ashley Monroe

The other one, Beer With Jesus, is about, you guessed it, havin a beer with Jesus. I like this song A) because Jesus himself said we should not be self-righteous {despite his own perfection!!!} and he did not judge others based on if they consumed alcohol or not. He chose to seek out those people that are so often judged by other people sinners who wrongly think that they are somehow better and more favored by God B) the song is about havin a regular old, everyday conversation with Jesus if you could ever sit down with him. To me, that's what it should be like. Sometimes we are afraid to pray because we don't have the words, and that's okay. I think Jesus likes to just hear from us. We don't have to say anything fancy. Just say hey, thank him for what you've been given, and talk to him like you would a friend.

Beer With Jesus by Thomas Rhett

I couldn't find the official video for either of these on YouTube. The first one is on CMT's website, but they didn't have an option to embed. The second one was on YouTube, but no official video yet to my knowledge. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy!

Have a magical weekend, sugar pies!

PS - I thought of another sayin that baffled me all through childhood. I finally figured out what people were actually sayin when I was like 15:

"Ohmaworrrrd, it's snowin?!?"
"Yep, sho as you bone."

Do whaaaaat?

;) Good stuff.

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Annabelle said...

I'm listening to Bruises now and I am right with you about Beer with Jesus! It's okay he won't judge! I love your thoughts and opnions!