14 November 2012

Christmas Pinspiration


I am so jacked up on the excitement of Christmas I can hardly contain myself.

Here's some stuff from my festivities board on Pinterest.

I am ready to have it lookin like Santa's workshop up in heah!

I want to find more tiny trinkets and spray paint them white like these magical little deer:

I would love to work in some real greenery and holly berries.

Hello, glitter!

NEVER enough burlap:

I think I want to do brown packaging paper and twine on gifts with some delicious unique gift tags:

LOVE using ornaments in places other than just the tree:

Mason jars and Christmas colored candy?!
Yes, please.

Bought me a sled and some ice skate blades last year:

I am a SUCKER for vintage metal cookie cutters!

This is like all the magic in one place. 
I cannot find words for this vintage perfection!

And I don't even have to tell you how magical these are:

And guess who's goin junkin tomorrow!?!?!?!


I. am. fired. up!
And I'm goin with somebody who loves Christmas as much as I do. 
Should have seen her December weddin with burlap, white lights, Christmas trees, hot chocolate, coffee, tons of delicious candy.
It was what Pinterest dreams are made of!

And guess whose husband is getting the Christmas stuff out of the attic for her tonight?!?


Let the decoratin beginnnnnnn, sugar pies!!

Forever yours, 

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Southern Sass said...

I love Christmas soo much! This post has so many great decor ideas. When I have my own house (I still live with Mama and Daddy), it will look like someone threw up glitter and Christmas up in there.

two birds said...

so many great ideas!! i need to bookmark this page. we made those trees in jars last year...it was fun! have fun junkin'!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love ornaments in vases! I think it's the perfect festive decoration, and it's cheap!

Stephany Hyder said...

Awe! I love the burlap garland on the tree and the mini mason jar trees!!! Those Twizzlers in a mason jar is a great gift for one of my girl friends!!! Adorable for sure. Meeting you from the Pinterest link up today. Your blog is precious.

Can't wait to read more.

Happy Wednesday!
♥ Stephany

Stephany Hyder said...

And, I'm from SC, so yea....that's so cool you have lived in this fabulous state! ♥

Casey said...

For halloween I did a set of mason jars filled with candy corn. It would be cute with the red and white and the green and white mints

Les said...

That center piece is so cool! I would totally do something like that!

I would love for you to stop by and say hi! leslyni.blogspot.com

Have a fabulous day!

Abigaylemae said...

yes!!!! we started decorating last week! we decided to stretch it out this year so we can enjoy it longer.
happy junkin too! can't wait to see what you find :O)