23 January 2013

i can't think of $*&! to write about

brain dump it is.
this is one of those posts where i need to de-clutter.

i've been doing some work at the store, cleaning/organizing/murdering dust bunnies, etc. i find this to be very rewarding, and worth the condition that my hand is in as a result.


i feel anxiety when i have a list of "errand type" calls/visits to make. today, i called the camera dude to check on my camera - he hasn't even looked at it yet.
i called medtronic to pay them almost a G, updated my insurance and ordered more supplies.
i called the yoga place and told them i am nervous as hell, and to ask what i need to bring. i'm not looking forward to the newness of this experience at all. and i hate trying any new physical stuff, because i don't know how it's going to affect my diabetes. ugh.
 y'all, my flexibility, back pain, upper body strength  ... TERRIBLE. TERR.IIIIIIIIIIII.ble

i do not feel anxiety about folding clothes and making potato salad. {makin traditional recipe today ... sometimes i do baked potato salad/greek yogurt way too}

some words that i have been lovin lately are: haphazard/haphazardly (thanks steph for reminding me) ... fantastic! (with the exclamation point)

i've eaten either sausage or pork bbq for three days in a row ... this is probably not a good thing

can we talk about PLL? i just wish they would give us one big chunk information, as like a snack to hold us over. WTF. i think toby got caught on purpose ... i think there's more to that than we know, duh. and meredith, is she part of any of the A stuff, or is she just a crazy ole bitch?

i am annoyed by bloggers who used to write and now give us every day updates on their kid. we get it, they are bigger today than the were yesterday.

i am ready to have a baby, but terrified to actually be pregnant after what happened. totally caught in my own head games.

i think that dogs are the cutest things on this earth. i've told y'all before that i like dogs better than most people, and find them to be cuter than human babies. i decided i am going to volunteer at the humane society. just the thought of spending time caring for dogs in need makes my heart feel full, and keeps my mind off of how i don't have a baby of my own. problem is, they only do orientation on the first saturday of every month, and i don't think i can go until march. :(

all of my jeans are painfully tight. not unflatteringly tight, but impossible to put on tight. like, all pairs except two of them. do  y'all think there's a correlation between this and the sausage and bbq? nah, probably not.

living in a world where mean people do not exist and everything is unicorns and rainbows would be awesome. however, this has never happened, and it ain't ever gonna happen. i'm sick of people's simple-minded solutions to the world's problems. i'm also sick of people who feel like they can personally identify with the president (current, or past) like they see him at church on sunday, or eat supper at his house. you don't know his ass any better than i do. it's his job not to look like a dick in front of millions of people.

today's post is dry and flat, because that's how i feel. maybe i need to smoke some of the shit that the unicorns and rainbows people are smokin.
off to make potato salad and fold clothes.

linking up with shanna.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love this post because it's haphazard. And because it mentions unicorns.

People who think the world will ever be without mean people in it should really get out of the bathroom more often. Enough.

You should totally volunteer at the Humane Society. I'd want to take them all home though. Not good.

Southern Sass said...

Look at you getting shit done! I finally took my camera in last week after months of it not working to get it fixed so we will see how long that takes. I have fallen off the PLL wagon, I need to get caught up.

Mills said...

I do not have anxiety about eating potato salad but making it I would. I never know what to put in iy besides mayo and hard boiled eggs.

Yoga? I'm scared for you. I've always wanted to take a class but chicken out.

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I love you. You crack me up! I am sorry you're having a tough day :/ Yoga makes my head hurt, but I breathe better and deeper and it helps my fat ass become more flexible.

PLL makes me craaaazzzyyy but I still watch it anyways!

I hope you have a much much much better day!

Aleshea said...

I've never tried Yoga. Something about it is off putting to me. Nor have I jumped on the PLL bandwagon. Hope your day gets better.

smk053078 said...

Omg!! You are a riot!!! The one about the Pres...hilarious!! And why can't unicorns be real?? Life would be so much grander!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!

Kayla Lynn said...

you're crackin' me up over here!! and i couldnt agree more about PLL.. if i hadnt invested so much time into the show already, i would probably just quit it. :) xo

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...

I'm your newest follower! :)
Love your blog already!

Gwen said...

New follower, too. Just had to comment because you mentioned PLL and it's one of my (many) guilty TV pleasures. There's totally more going on with Toby, and I wondered the same thing about Meredith, but if she's just a crazy bitch, then bitch is messed UP - she freakin' drugged Aria and threw her in the basement! I just hope they lock her up somewhere more secure than Radley.