28 January 2013

if you knew me ...

... you would know that i value family and relationships more than anything else (except Jesus)

... you would know that i am a very sensitive person, especially when i think someone else is hurting, but at the same time, i will make it real clear when i've had enough of your shiz.

... you would know that i love this creature that came into our lives as a surprise after me crying my eyes out, and that he makes my heart so full. i love him so, so, so much. the way we came to meet mr. bo bo is a reminder that God is in control, and He knows just what (who) to send us, and when. when i look at this picture, i desperately want to kiss bo bo on the sides of his little snout where his cheeks/lips {??} hang down.

yummy2_zps7fb8bfaf photo yummy2_zps7fb8bfaf-1_zpsf6fea0ae.jpg

... you would know that in the last 4 months i have been consumed by a fear of my own body, and how it's going to betray me. i also feel guilty about this almost constantly because i know that God gave me this body, and there are things out there that i can do to take care of it, and feeling sorry for myself isn't one of them.

... you would know that i can easily go all week without turning on the tv (even longer if i watch PLL online)

... you would know that my husband cooks more than i do. and he does a great job.

... you would know that i hate to read "books" on a piece of technology. i like to hold real paper, and turn real pages. i also love the way real books smell.

... you would know that the only two relationships i've ever had were both with guys who had the same name. thankfully, one of them went by a nickname. i married the other one.

... you would know that this combo is one of my favorite things on earth:

yummy_zpsc3ec5da7 photo yummy_zpsc3ec5da7-1_zpsd2598d68.jpg

... you would know that my mind is filled day and night with thoughts of bein' a mama ... and that i sometimes can smell the baby in my dream.

... you would know that i literally look at my husband while he sleeps and wonder when i'm going to snap out of it. i cannot believe that it's real. that God actually picked this man to be MY husband!

... you would know that i've never broken a bone

... you would know that i've only tried yoga twice. and i liked it both times. i really think it's my kinda deal. i also finished both of those nights with chocolate. let's hope that part doesn't become an every time kinda thing.

... you would know that i thought of my friend ashley tonight when a man farted, twice, in yoga class. i felt sorry for him. i am terrified it's going to be me next time.

... you would know that i rip gray hairs out by the root, and dread the day that i actually have to pay someone to put color on my hair. on this same note, i hate it when people who have been coloring their hair for damn ever say, "oh, i don't have any grays." wellllll, sugar, i would hope not. i mean, damn, what is the point of hair color if you still got grays?!

... you would know that sometimes i wish this blog was anonymous so i could really say what i think ... and that i would still probably feel guilty after hitting publish .... hmmm ... we'll see

... you would know that i function best on ten hours of sleep ... and i don't care if other people who function on 6 think that's a lot ... to each her own

have a magical monday, sugar lumps! 

and thanks, katie, for being my inspiration for this post, and to keep on tryin'. ;)


  1. I love this. Such an honest post. Now you have me wanting to do something along these lines for tomorrow.

  2. I rip my gray hairs out, too! They have no place on my face. I'll be sad when there are too many to rip out and I have to pay someone an insane amount to cover them up. Not fun!

  3. If you need a blog to vent - mines all yours luv.

  4. I love me some diet mt dew and peanut M&Ms too! yummy!

  5. Thanks for such an honest post! I can completely relate with the baby fever and fears of your body betraying you...I've been struggling with this since our miscarriage but I'm so hopeful that someday I will hold that 'dream' baby of ours.

  6. when i was little and rode the bus we would go to my papaws house until mom got home....he always fed us a full can of mountain dew (the hardcore version) and a mini bag of m&m's.

    love your little pup!

  7. I just loved this post! Is there any better feeling than holding a book in your hand? I do have to say you can go much longer than me without TV.

  8. I cannot read books on electronic devices. It ruins everything for me.

    Lovely post.

  9. Bo Bo is the cutest. Wow.

    I really need to try yoga...

    And I feel you on the anonymous blog thing... sometimes I wish the same thing!

  10. Aww Mr. BoBo is so cute!! My husband cooks for us too..I clean, it works out :) And as much as I love books and reading, I have to admit (reluctantly after 2 years) that I LOVE my Nook Color e-reader. It's just so practical and I'm constantly reaidng on it, but I also buy books of my favorite authors. I ahve never broken a bone but i have fractured my fingers and both knees

  11. love the one about your husband! I too like reading real books!!

  12. and thanks for the shout out too! :) you're the best!

  13. Love this post!

  14. I turn on the tv too much. I love my Nook, but I have to read an actual book with pages every once in a while.

  15. I've really been wanting to try yoga. I talked to a friend today and got the info for the place she goes to, so maybe I'll go to a class next week! Glad to hear you like it!

  16. I teared up a bit on this post. I miss you so much and wish we lived closer!!

  17. I followed the link to the Brody blog and noticed the date. Then read the first paragraph and there it was! Made me smile. I've love this post by the way. Great structure. :)


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