16 September 2011

When the Lord closes one door ..

He sends you a surprise!

There are about a million things I need to be doing right now. I have two tests - 4 hours total...starting at 7:30 am, and one I honestly don't feel ready for. I have to drive out of town to a wedding after that, and I'm not packed. 

But I had to share this.

So, if you read yesterday's post - I have been TORE UP WITH GRIEF since yesterday afternoon. My beloved Brady's owners showed up to reclaim him. I was just beyond help. I was absolutely grief-stricken. I didn't know why God would allow me to fall madly in love with Brady and then take him away.


I cried alllllll night long. Then, I dreamed of him all night long. And I woke up four times, and started bawling as soon as I was awake enough to realize that Brady wasn't there in the room with me. I cried when I left for work, and he wasn't there for me to feed and walk first. I cried when my husband called me this morning. I cried again when I got to work and somebody asked about him. My eyes were still so swollen by this afternoon that I couldn't read my study book clearly. I was jacked up fo realz. Some KIND of terrible. I mean, I was in a fog, like when you go through a bad break up, or when somebody dies or somethin awful, awful. I kept seeing flashes of his beautiful face all day, and thinking of how precious he looked layin in his chair. Terrible, I tell ya!

Then, I got a text from my bro: 

So the owners of Brady picked up another black lab from a newspaper ad, thinkin it might've been Brady. It wasn't, obviously, but they kept him anyway. He looks just like Brady and has been neutered and house trained already. They are looking for a good home for him. Just a thought ... 
Clearly my heart nearly jumped through my chest when I saw this.

The rest is history. We met the owners at Home Depot, he got out and excitedly greeted us and hopped right in the car like he'd been knowing us his whole life. When we got home, he just came right on in and made himself at home. 

1) He can fetch - meaning go get the ball and actually drop it when he brings it back - no vicious wrestling the ball from his mouth is needed. Sweet.

2) He knows how to "sit" and "lay down" - I strongly feel that there is enough intelligence there to learn to shake. 

3) He is not accustomed to sitting on furniture. 

4) He also lays real cute with his back legs out behind him like a turkey.

5) He burns off tons of energy playing fetch so he is not needing to be walked around the neighborhood while making an attempt to rip your arm out of the socket. 

6) He's already been fixed.

7) He is beautiful! Shiny black coat, gorgeous teeth! (He is tall and super long legged, and he gots some extra lovin/skin ... he may be in need of a slight weight loss regimen.)

8) He does not bolt up and down the steps, nearly tripping whoever is walking with him.

9) He doesn't try to escape through the door every time you open it. 

10) He doesn't lift his leg to pee. No, I guess that's not really a bonus for us, just an interesting fact.

I had to write this TONIGHT because 




Please help us welcome our newest member to the family: 

* Please disregard the demon eyes.

Size 8's. 

Happy Weekending!

Gotta go study ...


Diana said...

I'm sending Brody a new pair of LL Beans...

Where do i send them? LoL!

hazel said...

Are you sure that's not the same doggie that was there last week when Icame ?

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Oh my GOSH.... so amazing and so incredibly sweet. Thanks for sharing this with me girl! Gave me chills. :)