27 January 2013


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"When you work on it and talk about it and you don’t do it… I’m not into moral victories guys and I’m not into this pansy kind of crap. We stunk ...
 I’m not very good in press conferences tonight guys. You can write what you want to write. It’s just a butt kicking.”
- Roy Williams


Aleshea said...

Praise baby Jesu for Lorenzo Brown. The 13 game losing streak is demolished. It's always a good day when UNC loses. Alabama also lost to the Vols. Guess Jesus was in a good mood last night.

Marianna Dunn said...

I knew you would be excited about this! OUR State! GTHC!

P.S. The last picture on the right is my favorite haha!

Jennifer Achebe said...

This is sort of irrelevant, but I just wanted to see if I fixed my blog to where you can reply to my comments. =) Let me know dear.