24 May 2013

downtown wilmington

the meemaw & i took a bit of an impromptu trip to wilmington earlier this week.
we only had a couple days, but we crammed a lot in.
we ate, drank, junked, beached, walked, rode, visited.
{thanks weezie & buck for the accomodations.}

i took my camera with us downtown by the river.
i love wilmington {minus the traffic}.

 photo untitled-96_zps67e2d2e9.jpg

 photo untitled-88_zpsbe917a64.jpg

 photo untitled-94_zps9d02de0c.jpg

 photo 436d23e9-e879-4133-99f8-d7b7a769d226_zps31640963.jpg

 photo untitled-83_zps64ed954e.jpg

 photo untitled-79_zps1be53ef5.jpg

 photo untitled-78_zps7c81e4d2.jpg

 photo untitled-77_zps41d3ac44.jpg

 photo untitled-74_zpsea0093bb.jpg

 photo eb094d2f-426e-4ff4-ab61-f404b998ff4e_zpsa0f941db.jpg

if later in this life, the hubs and i ended up retiring on wrightsville, carolina or kure beach, i think i'd be perfectly okay with that.

yet another reason i love north carolina.

hope y'all have a wonderful memorial day weekend.
God bless america and thanks to all who have served and who continue to serve this great nation.


Jess said...

wow! nita is BACK!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

Great pictures! It makes me homesick.

I'm packing now.......................

well, I wish I could!

Heidi said...

Lovely pictures! I absolutely fell in love with Wilmington and the beaches when we visited in March. Do you have a favorite spot to eat there?

Aleshea said...

This looks like such a fun and vibrant city. Deff on my list of places to visit

Annabelle said...

I dream of retiring in the Corolla/4x4 area of OBX! ;)