29 May 2013

let's smile today, shall we?

these two stations on pandora:
Summer Hits of the 90's
90's Hip Hop

i hardly ever thumbs down anything.

this image that i found on pinterest:

and these other pics from pinterest:
now - before y'all attack me assuming i'm making fun of her hair, let me clarify - the funny part to me is her facial expression.
i'm guessing she just didn't think her face would be captured in the photo.
of course, i keep my facial expression lookin' like that most of the time, so i'm not sure why it's funny ...

movin' on ...

"droppin' a deuce on the potty is AWESOME!
i give it a thumbs UP!"

this pin is some ad for getting rid of cellulite, but it's more fun to imagine this chick saying,
"hey there, sugar. whatcha think about this?"
"hey big boy, i know you ain't NEVA seen nothin' like this before."
don't we all stand out on the beach grabbin' our ass for the pleasure of whoever may be walking by?

adios, shugpies


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I always have resting bitch face, so that photo is hilarious.

The Pink Growl said...

I want her ass!

Meredith said...

i rock summer hits of the 90's all the time along with 90s pop radio, Nelly, Will Smith, Pitbull and Todays Country Hits. versatile. i know you are making fun of her hair, i would too and for what its worth that bish up there don't know nothing about cellulite, puhlease shes never seen a dimple of fat ever.

Annabelle said...

I have 90s hip hop but now I will be adding 90s Summer too! Seriously who would wear their hair like that for their wedding? Her I guess. Unless she's unhappy. Maybe that's why she's she got that look! ha!

Suze said...

90s music is my favorite.

And this whole post had me laughin. And I needed it- thanks!

Misty said...

90s music across the board... Love it!