01 June 2013

fresca frisk? frescalicious? fantastic frodkafruit?

don't this look good?
all citrusy and icy in this psycho hot weather normal-introduction-to-summer-weather we havin'?

 photo 87fb00fa-dfdc-41bd-be9e-a1359b66bdc8_zps6e31f5ea.jpg

the correct answer is,
"YEAH, it do!"

 photo b626df23-cd02-4fff-9a3b-99a68e6c5248_zps3090523e.jpg

it's pretty simple.
you just need:
some grapefruits
a case of fresca {oh, heeeeey, fresca, i ain't seen you since elementary school!}
a bottle of club soda
some crushed ice
some salt and/or some sugar/splenda/whatevs
a cocktail shaker
crushed ice {or cubes - shiiiit, it's yo birfday, no?}

get your cocktail shaker all pre-chilled - i recommend a stainless one, natch.
pour in vodka and some ice cubes.
add fresca & club soda.
{i am a pooh and i like more fresca than club soda, but you can start at a 1:1 ratio on the fresca/club soda and go from there ... same with the vodka ... make it as strong or weak as you like ... hell, for that matter, if you don't dig grapefruit, you could easily get down with some orange or lime slices}

shake, shake, shake
shake, shake, shake
shake yo boooooty cocktail shaker

 photo e0eade61-91d4-4e29-803d-8b34406a322f_zps347626ba.jpg

pour out onto your magical glass full of crushed {or cubed} ice

 photo untitled-4-2_zpsafe5765e.jpg

add salt.
or sugar if you are a puss.
garnish with grapefruit slices to be enjoyed post-beverage completion. mmmmm ... it's the best part. ;)

 photo untitled-3-1_zps5a9162d0.jpg

and this is how vodka, fresca and club soda lived happily ever after.

 photo 556cd468-1237-497f-8ea5-3c4b0beb10e1_zpsbedf2e3a.jpg

~ brought to you by someone who prefers beer and always will, but this shiz has less calories and i can't get half my shorts/pants buttoned.

bottoms up!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

What a beautiful thing. Fresca, I forgot about you. I love grapefruit and vodka and club soda, so this is right up my alley.

The pouring photo, frame it. Love the angle.

Heidi said...

Ummm YUM! Perfect for summer!

Aleshea said...

I love the way those pics came out

Jackie said...

love this idea, it looks and sounds so yummy! I'm a first time reader, love your blog!

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xo Jackie

Misty said...