15 July 2013

one reason i'm ready for fall: mustard skinnies

So honestly, after one good trip to the beach, and after the Fourth of July is over,
and after I sweat and sweat at the store,
and after one ferocious sunburn, 
I'm pretty much over summer and ready for fall.

And, on Saturday, in addition to eating a delicious gluten free pancake, and getting to hang out with my fabulous cousin and her mini-her shugpie, I scored some awesome mustard skinnies while we were out thrifting ...
for $9.76! Holla.

They look similar to these:

I stalked Pinterest and found these options.
Now I'm even more excited!

I will most likely be wearing mine with boots, and not cute flats or heels because of my donk.

PS - Why can't I embed images from Pinterest anymore?
I mean, when I click "embed" from the image, it asks me to embed the Pinterest widget and shiz. 
No, Pinterest! That is not what I want to do! I just want to embed the image itself!
I have no intention of stealing anybody's photo credit, so I really hate that you can't just embed like you used to be able to, where clicking the images lead directly to the pin. Am I missing something?
Since I'm clueless, I'll tell y'all that I pinned all these images, so their original sources can be found on my Pinterest board.

Have a fabtabulous Tuesdays, shugs.



Meredith said...

love it with the blue/navy

Emmett Katherine said...

i am NOT ready for fall but i do need some mustard skinnies in my life! love all the outfit idea photos, thank you!

Annabelle said...

Rock those skinny jeans girl! I LOVE fall, but I'm not quite ready to go there yet. That's only because my son starts school this year! *tear*

Caroline said...

I want it to be fall so badly - seriously about to get heat stroke and my hair is not up to this wave of hotness...

Erin @ Sweetness Itself said...

I LOVE autumn and this is just another new reason :)

Just stumbled upon your cute blog and excited to follow along via GFC & read more!



Misty said...

I want a pair too!