02 September 2013


Sunday, after a delicious brunch {involving a delicious gluten-free pancake with sugar free syrup and a side of extra crispy bacon at Zada Jane's, might I add}, we decided to take a little day trip to the mountains. We headed to Brevard, NC, and stopped at Caesar's Head State Park, SC as well.
I brought along my camera {yay for me!} with the hopes of getting some shots while Anj drove.

 photo mountains913-47_zps597c00d5.jpg

 photo mountains913-44_zps679cf655.jpg

 photo mountains913-46_zps622a033a.jpg

 photo mountains913-43_zpsc8a6b9ec.jpg

 photo mountains913-45_zpsd3a54f37.jpg

I'll blog more about Brevard next time.
On the way back from Brevard, we were hoping to hit some of the overlooks and get some shots there.
But then it started to rain.
However - after the rain, came this absolutely humongous breath-taking rainbow.
These pictures just don't do it justice.

 photo mountains913-53_zps9de7325d.jpg

 photo mountains913-50_zpsf64bfc87.jpg

We drove right under it, and it stretched farther than I could see!

 "Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." 
 ~Genesis 9:16~

Then, the sun came back out ...

 photo mountains913-79_zps5e5227e7.jpg

But the fog that the rain had created was surreal. It was so peaceful up there.
Reminds you that you are very small and the universe is so, so big.
What a wonderful artist God is!

 photo mountains913-58_zpsf2b5209f.jpg

 photo mountains913-57_zps7e9cebde.jpg

 photo mountains913-70_zpsd808c55b.jpg

 photo mountains913-76_zps0cc437cd.jpg

 photo mountains913-78_zps5a927930.jpg

There was a tiny little place to crawl through between two rocks.
{Not recommended if you're claustrophobic. ;) }

 photo mountains913-59_zpsa0c2c775.jpg

 photo mountains913-60_zpscc015060.jpg

 photo mountains913-61_zps392f938d.jpg

After walking down the mountain a bit, you are able to see "Caesar's Head" {the rock itself that the state park was named for}.

It was starting to sprinkle again.

 photo mountains913-67_zps00b346f7.jpg

 photo mountains913-62_zps16ac1b3a.jpg

 photo mountains913-64_zpse9d03139.jpg

After leaving Caesar's Head, we headed down the mountain a little ways ...

 photo mountains913-83_zpscdeaac16.jpg

The little streams that run all over the mountains are one of my favorite parts. Reminds me that everything affects everything else.

 photo mountains913-84_zps04f68374.jpg

We found another spot that was a huuuuuge mostly flat rock that overlooked a valley.
It was stunning.

 photo mountains913-86_zpsed29fbfa.jpg

 photo mountains913-88_zps8ffac1ff.jpg

 photo mountains913-95_zps37c53a0f.jpg

 photo mountains913-97_zpsf06152da.jpg

 photo mountains913-102_zpsf8e1d16c.jpg

We enjoyed the view for a little while and then it started pouring again.

 photo mountains913-108_zps8fba5aab.jpg

We'd brought towels and swimsuits in case we decided to slide down Slippery Rock.
Although we never made it there, the towels came in handy to keep the camera dry, and to dry ourselves off after seeking shelter in the car.

 photo mountains913-109_zps0b9f36c5.jpg

It was a magical day indeed.
So, so beautiful.

 photo mountains913-110_zps6f36e36c.jpg

Hope y'all had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!
Do anything fun?


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Amazing shots. I love your photos.

Annabelle said...

Caesar's Head is a nice place to visit. We like to go up at least once a year! Brevard is nice too!

Brittney M said...

Looks beautiful, great moments captured.