08 September 2010

Beef in the Early Days (& other randomness)

I spent this Labor Day Weekend with my Shug Pie! So perfect and magical! While he was gone to help his daddy, I got my restore on....Recently, Mama & I went into Granddaddy's attic to get random junk that was ours that we'd left up there for years (before it disappeared or got thrown out). I found some pleasant surprises... And, used some frames I finally got my hands on for my "DAVIS" project and our just-now-been-framed-over-a-year-later wedding pic. 

After I sanded the arms/legs. I tried to fit my butt in here now....nottttttttttt happenin', shugs.

See how rusty it was?!

My baby carriage (no that's not a Cadillac emblem). It was rusted all to Hades too.

 Here's Chrissy in the baby carriage. She was my aunt's doll (she's 10 yrs. older than me). She had a string in her back and a ponytail that randomly grew from the center of her head like Pebbles. If you pulled the string, it would pull the ponytail back into her head. Or you could pull her ponytail and make it "grow" and the string would mysteriously disappear into her back. Weird. Anyhoo, I gave her a bath in the sink and tried to comb her hair. Bless her heart. Now she needs some clothes. Andrew said I should make her some.

I took fabric scraps and pieced them together roughly to form the letters of our last name then framed them individually in mismatched frames. I don't like how the D A & V all have the same background, so I think I'm going to go back and change the background of the A.

 I found this frame for $1.50!! Then I put fabric in the background & put one of our wedding pics in the center. <3

It feels so great to have "new" stuff from stuff you already had! It's crazy to think my Mama had the job of takin' care of me as a tiny person. Wonder if she knew how phenomenal I'd be. (Did I spell that right?)


Ber .... Reams said...

I am so diggin' the DAVIS lettering! LOVE IT! You are such a treasure! Enjoyed reading about all your childhood memories! LOVE YOU and see you SAT!

Miss Lizzie said...

You are so creative! I can't wait to see your thrift store one day :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

I had a doll like that growing up but she had blonde hair. Did not realize how scary looking these dolls were.