26 August 2010

Sweeeet Dreammmmmmmmzzzzzz

I am so friggin' tired of dreaming (nightmaring) about SNAKES. Since I was about 20, I guess, I've been having these TERRIBLE snake dreams. There is always a snake somewhere..I'll walk across it in a path, it crawled in the house through some sort of opening, it's hanging from a tree, etc. Green glowy snakes, yellow stripey snakes, shiny, slicky wet-looking snakes. UGHHHHHH! NASTY! NASTY! NASTY! I Hate them!!! I have always been terrified of them. To me, the only good snake is a dead one. Usually, the snake is chasing me, sometimes in mid air, and I catch it JUUUUUUUUUUUST before it bites me in my neck. Sort of like this dude in the picture:

I mean, I have these dreams 2 or 3 times of week, and have been having them for yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. I guess they are anxiety related? Am I that stressed out?  

I went through a brief "break" from the snake nightmares, when I was a senior in college. Don't ask me what that was about, because it certainly wasn't a stress free period in my life. Also, when I lived at the beach briefly, and I could hear the ocean outside, I started having tidal wave nightmares. They continued for a couple years after leaving the beach. (My brain is NOT NORMAL). My family and I would be in a house - real "shambly" and the only thing left is the frame of the house basically, and the floors, and we are sitting there, staring at the tidal wave coming toward us, but we don't even try to run because we know there's not enough time to escape. Then I start to feel like I can't breathe.
Image from Manausa.com

Finally, my third reason to fear going to sleep: CATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSS. I mean, just straight up regular house cats. In real life, I am NOT scared of cats, but I do hate them. In my dream, the cat seems normal, you know, just creepin around rubbing up against people's legs while they sit on the couch. But, I catch the cat giving me the evil eye when other people aren't looking. And then ...........ATTACK!! The cat's tiny little sharp teeth come out and try to attack my neck/face...just like the snakes. 



Amber ;) said...

Seriously, I have the dream where I am falling off a brick wall and then wake up before I get to the bottom. I also have the real good ones where my x-husband is chasing me, trying to stab me with a syringe, or trying to hurt me period. Now that's real fun. The only real reoccuring dream I have ever had is where I am driving in my car....I hit a fork in the road on the bridge, I can't decide which way to go, so I panic and hit the middle, plunging over the bridge into water....My car starts filling up with water and as I panic...I wake up in a sweat! Sheeeewwwweeeeee....that gets me every time! As you know, I am also your friend, the "hater" of cats. I hate how they creep up on your and rub up on you while you are standing in the kitchen or bathroom. Ewwwwww...I just want to kick them in the ribs...Maybe the first step to stopping these dreams is to confront your fears. Take in a snake and a cat and see how your house responds........NOT

Cori said...

I had a nightmare about a giant frog outside of my house the other night. I always barely open the door at night for the fear of them jumping in my house so I did this in my dreak but long and behold there was a giant frog staring right at me, eyelevel! I quickly closed the door but it quickly jumped in! I jumped in my sleep and I woke up... creepy!

Miss Lizzie said...

it always happens that i'll be looking in the mirror in a hotel bathroom or high school bathroom and one of my teeth will pull out and then one after another and i am running down the hall screaming with blood flying everywhere and nobody can seem to understand and all of my teeth are in my hands...