16 April 2011


 Super excited when Anj's sister asked if we wanted to go to the RODEO! Umm, yes please! You know I love any excuse to wear my boots and I just think that the cattle and horses are THE CUTEST THINGS I've ever seen! Also - I love, love, love to see those tiny little boys all decked out in their cowboy attire - complete with hats and boots just like a grown up cowboy! (Although I'm sad that I didn't get very good pics of them). The participants were from North and South Carolina - see below .....

(Not us - we weren't the participants. Although all the people in the photo do in fact live in North or South Carolina) ;)

Ganging up on an innocent calf.

PS - I apologize in advance for these shotty/blurry pics. I think from now on, Anj and I will ask for donations to our bomb-diggity camera fund for all occasions until we have enough scrilla. 

Clowns making volunteers look foolish.

Poor guy was tricked into dancing alone in the middle of the arena blind-folded.
Mr. Clown came to meet the fans.
Setting up for barrel racing!
Go! Go! Go, blurry cowgirl!

Two cowboys against one poor widdle calf -does this make you feel like more of a man?

Calf roping. (For the record, more calves got away than were roped. Na-na Na Boo Boo!)

Intermission - I wonder what the horses think about all the mane-braiding and tail decorating for people to get on them and ride to rope calves - only to immediately turn them loose? :)

Meanwhile, out in the concessions area ...

Ecko Unlimited T-shirt, sweatpants, Tims and a cowboy hat. What's not to love? Whattup with that creepy woman?

$5 to ride. I dare ya.

I also found some style inspiration for Anj ...

Exhibit A
A nice layered bang, basically all in the front, top and sides of your head with a nice pony in the back. Aka - pulled back mullet.

Exhibit B

"The Santa"

Back to the rodeo ... (it's so easy to lose focus of the reason why we came)

Spark-shootin piano playin! Wonder how much clowns get paid?

Stud-muffin - prancin - struttin - workin it.

Random calf-ropin pic. As soon as the calf is roped, the horse backs up to make sure the rope stays taut. Such smart shug pies!

Umm, not really sure what they are doin, but check out the outfiiiiiiiiits! Say word!
Gettin ready for bull-ridin.

Mr. and Mrs.

Just get an eyeful of that variety - the random leg/boot on the left is mine - then, to the right, super baller buckle Durango boots, further down the steps, reglar brownish "casual" shoes BUT he didn't forget his velvety/felt-like hat! No sir!
As the rodeo drew to a close, my pump started to freak out because it was predicting a low. I had it clipped under my shirt and it started whining and emitting a green glowing light through my shirt, like the end of E.T.s finger - see the magic below:

Anyhoo, the night was a success. Cowboy boots. Cowboy hats. Calves. Photo opps with lots of random folks. = My kinda night.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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