02 June 2011

Just Thow it in There, Thursday

This post contains rambling, random re-caps and photo overload. Thank you, enjoy your stay.

I. am one sorry blogger. I haven't blogged in over a week. I know. I suck. But - I've had stuff goin' on. (Not important stuff, but stuff). So, if you are reading here today, I thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Here's the excitement that has been my life and the reason for my blog neglect (Warning. It's all totally lame.):

1) I have been sleepy everyday for 3 weeks. I am trying to free myself from the hold of Diet Coke and Diet Mt. Dew. It SUCKS. So, after work, and tutoring, and draaaaaaaggin my fatness to the gym, I talk to Anj, and crawl into my heated mattress pad bed which makes my lower back stop hurting, and drift off into my coma, until I have to drag myself back out the next mornin.

2) I discovered this website and I feel that I may be a mother just like this,  A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers I don't think I can be fake long enough to be a happy, singing, khaki-and-button-down-shirt-wearin kind of mama. More like, "I am telling you NO now. And if I have to tell you this again, the answer is STILL NO, and YOU WILL get ya bottom TOE up! Do you hear me?"

3) I have been resisting the urge to drink a nice collllld Diet Mt. Dew from the vending machine which is just steps away my friends. Just a few. short. steps. (when I am at work) orrrrr a nice cold Diet Coke which is just right there IN THE FRIDGE at home.

4) I went to North Myrtle for Memorial Day and had the following experiences:

Yummy produce/homemade goods/ice cream/meats/little grill place on the way down.

Once we arrived ...

Supper that night ...

In 10 minutes, dude NEVER actually lit the cigarette.

Bike Week ...

Ticket?! Whatchu mean I was revvin' it up?

there are no words ...

Beach Music at Duck's ...

And afterward ...

Tent is CLUTCH when it comes to being on the beach for all day lonnng ... thanks Coopers!

When Anj takes pictures, it's "Go!" - no warning whatsoever.

Carolina cooler under NC State tent = CLEARLY we needed more room for our foods and bevs. Thanks Hayden! ;)
All you can eat crab legs ...

Please know that Anj Davis got his money's worth for realz. Loves him some crab legs.

Walkin around at Barefoot Landing ...

5a) Clearly, I'm a failure for having to be reminded to mention this little discovery/new love:



Straight Memorial Day/Bike Week Magic
or, as Lois Ellen and I so dubbed this new Heaven-In-Your-Mouth:
THE Arnold D'Andre Palmer
Drank one for me, Shuga!

6) I made chicken salad. Time consuming. A separate post.

7) I have been feeling grouchy/whiny (again) about my diabetes and being a girl and how together, I want to get a machine gun and fire away at both of them until I am back to optimal health.

8) I have been feeling guilty about not blogging.

9) Sylvia went to Brotha Man E's Car Service and got a new Fuel Assembly AND a new crank position shaft. She is so spoiled with her tantrums. I think she wrecks herself for the attention.

10) I have been thinking about how my legs aren't as shapely as they used to be.

11) After thinkin about the lack of shapeliness of my legs - and the rest of me - I feel guilty and go to the gym, where I feel angry because my Sweet Lil Buds for my ipod are faulty. I CANNOT use the HU-FRIGGIN-MONGOUS ear thingies that come with the ipod because my ear holes are notttttttttt that large. IT BLOWS MY MIND THAT ANYONE'S ARE. Anyway, I guess one of the ear buds got too sweaty and just kicked the bucket. Note to self - go buy new earbuds.

12) I have been freaking out about how snakes are for real. I have spent A LOT of time thinking about how God made snakes too. They won't hurt you unless you hurt them. What's the chance of actually seeing one? Etc. But then, I realize these are all actually falsehoods. And - my aunt sent me this in an email and I am still seeing the images flash vividly in my mind at random points throughout the day:

Look who tried to come up in here today. He was not even a foot away from my shoe & tried to come in when I opened the door to see why the dogs were having a fit.

 Then, FIVE DAYS LATER, she sent me this in an email:

Guess his widow came looking for him.


13) I've been dreaming of going to Texas. And boots. And cowboys. And Junk Gypsies. And Lauren M. M. B. C. (in true southern form, she has five names - only married once, though. ;) )

14) I've been missin the Shimmer Lotion that Jergens used to make. It didn't cost an arm and a leg and it helped make your legs look yummy and toned. Jergens - Why?! Why?! WHY?!

15) I have spent a total of ~ 8 hours at Verizon. In two days. But I got this, which I am still learnin about. I am not tech savvy.

16) I have been working with fellow in-laws and hubs to plan a fish fry at Ma and Pa Davis's. My task: potato salad.

17) I have been reading trash like People magazine and thinking how flippin' HIDEOUS Kim Kardashian's ring is. Who knew she had a boyfriend? Why are they even famous? Are they divorced yet?

18) I have been spending a lot of time being jealous of people born with beautiful thick hair. Then I remember that I even have hair, which is enough to be grateful for. And I shut the front door.

19) Wondering - how do omens/good signs start? I think they run rampant in the south. Mama is whacked out because she saw a dead red bird. I told her not to worry, I once murdered one with my friend's truck, and the bird's corpse rode quite a ways down 49 in the grill. Nothin bad happened. Good actually. I met my hubs after a ROUCH one year+ of jackwagons. However, I heard an owl several weeks ago. On two different nights. Somebody did die. Thankfully, it was just Osama's dumbass.

20) Trend Alert: My mama went to the dentist this week, and was readin Redbook in the waiting area, and learned that some sneaky researchers secretly determined what men search for on the internet regarding the lady folk, and the study found that men look most for middle aged women who are curvaceous and have somethin to hold onto. So, in my mama's words, "Young skinny b*****s are out and middle-aged women with some meat on 'em are in!" REJOICE! Good knews, because I know I got some parts that just are what they are no matter how long I'm at the gym or how many biscuits I resist. Whoop! Whoop!

I am ashamed to say that by the end of this post, I have in fact, opened a delicious, cold, beverage of the Diet Mountain Dew variety. And let me just say, the can is so cold, I cannot hold it without a koozie. The DMD is icy, refreshing, and like glitter in my veins. I am not proud of myself, for I have fallen off the wagon. Tomorrow is another day.


Lois ellen said...

Hilarious . What about D'Andre Palmers??? Lois Ellen

HAZE said...


Katie said...

You were brave to hit Myrtle during bike week...it definitely always makes for some interesting pictures.

Firefly and lemonade is the perfect summer drink, I'll have to try it with a splash of club soda. I like the name too, even though it would probly be funnier if I got the joke...