12 June 2011

Lazy/Lame = How We Roll

So, what'd y'all do this weekend? Mine was very laid back. Laid back = my husband suggested I didn't post this because "it makes us sound lazy/lame." I told him we are lazy/lame. He said, "So true." Let's be honest, there's nothin I hate more than a fake-ass. And, not every day of your friggin life is gonna be magical. I didn't feel like doin anything really. You know how sometimes you have those weekends where you're just like, "Man, I'm sicka doin ... pretty much everything." Welp, this was one of those.

I found a new eye make up tutorial thingie on Pink Lou Lou's blog. Then, I tried it, and I took a pic because I was really excited about how it turned out, and I wanted to show y'all.

But, what I really learned is that when you take pics of your own make up...shit just looks scary. Spider eyes. Shiny. Large pores. Can't even SEE the eye shadow aka the whole point of the picture. You're welcome.

I started to crave some potato salad of the sour cream/chives/bacony variety. I looked up a mega lame recipe and then I had to doctor that mess for like 20 mins. But it turned out good in the end.


I was also mildly excited because we found a half decent tomato at the grocery store and it's June:
I got hungry while I was cookin the rest of our supper/foods for the Davis Reunion, so I started to get creative -

It was so good. I ate about 4 slices of tomato covered in salt & pepper and chives. Yummm!

I was so exhausted from cookin/doin nothin all day, I rewarded myself with The Real Thang:

Then it stormed real good, and the hubs and I watched The Switch (good movie - I'd watch it again at some point), while we listened to the thunder n lightnin.

Sunday, I struggled to get up after 10 hours of sleep. What is my deal?

Then, we went to the Annual Davis Reunion where I ate casseroles, biscuits, fried chicken, potatoes until I felt that I would vomit. And then I ate dessert. Then, I felt even more disgusting.

Now that I'm a Davis, I can say, "I was full as a toad."

Go ahead. Make fun. I did.

Then, I had to drink TWO Diet Mountain Dews on the way home because I was so drowsy from stuffin myself sick. Ugh.

I wished I could do this:

But, I couldn't. I had to drive.

I hope y'all had a magical weekend.

I know I feel well rested. 

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diana said...

so real.
so logical.
so believable.
so not fake-ass.
so read it again sometime.