10 June 2011

You KNOW You Want Some!


I just HAD to tell y'all about this. You know when I find somethin good to eat or drink, I tell everybody I know. 

I have had this about six times since Wednesday night and it's only Friday afternoon. I've had it with chips, on my omelet, stirred up with shredded chicken & cheddar, and a couple times I just had it by the spoonful. 

This here is some GOOD-NESS FO YA MOUF, frands. I LOVE anything that contains tomatoes, first of all. But, even if you don't, this stuff is out of this world. Silas's frand Suzanne makes it. And, she da bomb, I must say. 

Oh. my. Goodness. 

She makes all kindsa goodies, but I am most hooked on the regular ole salsa - it's not thick - it's well blended and juicy. I could just drank it with a fat straw, but that would be gross, wouldn't it?

Yah's Best. It's made in Huntersville, NC but here's some other places where it can be found.
It's available at several locations if you live in North Cack. If not, holler at Suzanne and I'm sure she can hook you up.

I am also totally obsessed with the Pico de Gallo. Holy Snap! I didn't see it on the website, but again, ask Suzanne.

Tell her Silas's Daughter in Law sent you her way. ;)


Here's somethin else that's tasty and easy.
My MIL calls it TX Caviar - but it ain't got nothin to do with caviar, promise: 
You just dump all this in a bowl, and let it chill for a lil before you eat it: 

1 Can each of the following (WELL DRAINED):

  • black olives
  • black beans
  • black eye peas
  • yellow corn
  • white corn
  • green chilies

then chop up and add:

  • tomatoes 
  • yellow onions
  • green peppers
  • garlic (just one clove'll do ya)
(I didn't specify amounts with the exception of the garlic, because it depends on what you like. I put a lot of tomatoes because I looooove some tomatoes.)

and finally ...

~ 1/3 cup Italian salad dressing


I PROMISE it doesn't taste bean-y. I don't looove beans. You need to resist the urge to leave stuff out that "you don't like" because I'm tellin you, the flavors all blend together and when you leave stuff out, it gets whack. AND - if you don't drain the canned stuff really really good, it will end up lookin like veggies floatin/swimmin in a river = who wants to eat that? NOBODY.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Call up some frands and get your salsa/dip/summa time par-tay on!

Happy Friday y'all!


diana said...

really!?! on you omelet!?! Shug...you's got more guts than God!

Miss Lizzie said...

pahahahaha veggies floatin/swimmin in a river...you are hilarious...

sadly none of the pictures show up on this computer but lucky enough for me your writing skills are excellent so that i am put right in your world. i'm so jealous! i need a voice but you are so obviously you. i love it <3 i want to make this really bad i love all of the ingredients...i get food stamps soon so I'm going to buy them lol

Miss Lizzie said...

ps. the pictures showed up after i sent that...omg i really want to eat that salsa! i love fresh salsas!!!!! i especially love the beans