30 July 2011

Even though IT IS hot enough to cure tobacca -

We went to a Knight's game last night. 

Blood Davises are THE most cold-natured humans on earth. Proven fact. 

Married-in Davises are not. 

But, then, Lois Ellen and I ventured up to the AIR CONDITIONED heavenly escape. And I wondered why in THE WORLD we were sittin out in that heat. 

So, we compromised and decided we'd all venture up to the AC later in the game.


Yep - that was Anj with his hanky. Regular tissues aggravate his sensitive widdle nose. And yep - that was me with Ms. Caroline, one of the mascots. Don't worry - we went back out into the inferno to catch the fireworks. 


This mornin - me and the hubs found Fried Green Tomatoes on TV. This is one of my absolute favorite movies. I just love the friendship that grows between Ruth and Idgie. (How much do I love random southern names that you can't even imagine how to spell?) I love anything set in the south, especially historical south. And, duh, I love sassy mouthy female characters in general. 

I was lookin for pics, and came across this post over at Ginny Branch.
She did a beautiful job of laying out why this movie is so magical, haunting, southern, funny, delicious. You just feel like you know Idgie, Ruth, Big George, Sipsey, Grady, Buddy, Evelyn, Ninny and "Towanda" all by the time it's over. <3

We went up to Ma and Pa Davis's today to can some tomatoes, but we could only do one run, cause the tomato crop be's strugglin' this year, y'all:

Ooh-wee. Scurry. And core-tastic.

Then, we shelled some of these while listenin to Silas tell us allll about the farm trip, and hustlin the folks at the Marriott for free drinks at July 29th's happy hour with the passes they still had left over from July 26th's happy hour. 

Ladies, it's good to have a man who's resourceful.

Mmmm - I put some onions and garlic in there, and they're cookin up now. Smells so goooooooood up in heah!

Hope y'all's weekends are goin' just fabulously so far. 



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Amber said...

I recorded FGT as well on the TV this weekend. Was thinking about you when I saw it was on!