28 July 2011

Sweet Fizzy Sugary Heaven

I haven't had a diet drink since Saturday. 


I haven't really thought about them. 

Not a lot. 

I mean, sometimes at night, I start to imagine the taste. The fizziness. I can just hear the pop of the top. 

Or sometimes, I think about it a lot at about 1:00. Break time. 

But then, my friend at work reminded me that diet drinks triple the risk of pancreatic cancer. 

And that's enough. Enough to make me focus on something else. 

But - you've gotta let yourself cheat a little. 

Or you'll implode. 

So today, at approximately 3:25, I sent an errand boy to fetch this for me:

It was everything I dreamed it'd be. 

Nothin like the real thing.
And I felt zero guilt.


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