09 July 2011

You KNOW you want some! Don't lie!

So, I really wanted to blog about the Infamous Magical Bomb Diggity Belmont Drive In ...

Straight mag - as seen out of Sylvia's backside. 

I'm sayin - we brought my most favoritest fluffy floral Hanes blankie from Amber Reams Austin and two of our "good" pillows.

Anj be lovin' him a lil drive-in.

Lettin back Sylvia's 2nd row seats to create a straight up "bed" - CLUTCH.

By the 2nd feature - aka 10:30ish, this was my feelin about the whole deal - we'd done already been through some thunderstorms and a torrential downpour where I had to walk through the MUDDDDDDD to the pissery although I SERIOUSLY considered peein' in a tupperwear dish I found in the back of the car. I should've done that. Hands down.

Anyhizzle - next day - Picklez.com:

Here's a bunch of picklin mess. We only used part of it. ;)

Here's the cukes from Silas B. Davis's garden.

This be's some garlic and DILL WEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

Can't be cannin' no pickles wit some half sanitary lids, now.

Blood, sweat & tears of B. Davis, A. Davis, Lo-Lo Davis Tuttle and Hayden Tuttle Pie.

You KNOW you want summa DIS!

{Fast forward a few hours to suppa time and the A. and B. Davis hizzle:}

Snapped deez to make dis: 

Let's just be honest, EVERYTHANG is better w/ buttah and garlic and salt n peppa, duh! 

PS - I HIGHLY recommend gettin a garlic press. Keeps you from havin to put your hands allllllll over the smelly garlic-y funk. PSS - If you DO get garlic-y funk all over your hands - just rub your hands ALL OVA your stainless steel sink/faucet - takes the smell right out! ;)


We fried UP some squash!

I also chopped up some onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and SAT-UR-ATED em' in this DE-FRIGGIN-LICIOUS dressin - Ken's Creamy Balsamic. I. MEAN. O. M. GEEEEE!! SO good!

We also fried up some GREEN TOMATOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.....OMG - IF you never had any - YOU SUCK AT LIFE aka TRY IT LIKE RIIIIIIIIIIGHT NOW - I recommend wit some "Dijonaisse - aka - mayo n Grey Poupon" ;)

This here handsome snuggle pie fried em up for me:

Ladies: Marry a man who:
1) knows how to grow good $hi* in the garden
2) supports your fried foods habit
3) hates skinny ass women
4) loves tomatoes (people who don't like tomatoes are IN NEED OF THERAPY)
5) knows how to make tasty-arse dishes

You KNOW you want one.

Make you wanna smack somebody. You KNOW Beefy wouldn't lie to ya.

Final product, includin some of the MIL's potato salad - and when I remembered to take the pic I'd already ate half of it. Oooooooooooobz!!

Love me some summa-tiiiiiiiiiiiiime Y'all!!!! 




Diana said...

you always make me hungry. Always. :)

Amber said...

So pissed you stole my pickle blog. i just canned pickles yesterday and was going to do a Day 1-3 synopsis of my adventures. I do love the reference to my name (which could technically be linked to my blog) <3

Ashley said...

Joseph meets 4 of the 5 qualities you listed...he does not like tomatoes. KILLS me!! However, he did try my first attempt at fried green tomatoes. I always love your posts!!!