05 July 2011

I'll get skinny & start givin a ---- tmr.

If you like random, it's your lucky day. 

If you don't - you can't have your cake & eat it too. <---- What a stupid phrase. WHY do you want cake if you can't eat it? Stupid. 

Let me try again - if you don't like random, then read another blog. That's about it. And here's what else. I don't even know if I'm gonna use enough give a flip to put pictures in. But maybe I will. I ain't decided. So WHAT?!?


First of all - I am TIRED. But ---

I drank a wholllllllllllle lot of Diet Coke. (Jennifer - if you are reading this, please block this out of your mind. I know it's TERRIBLE for the adrenals, but I NEEDED it. Promise.) 

I had lots of Diet Coke because I was at the movies and I can't go to the movies without a giant DC and a medium popcorn. (Unless I'm with Anj because he reminds me how RIDIC the prices are). Anyway, the movie was funny and full of the gross parts of middle school that you blocked out for a reason. Also - the "annoying" character was almost so annoying it just stressed you out even more than it made you laugh. I hate that. Oh - maybe you'd like to know the name of the movie. It was Bad Teacher.  (Yep - I underlined it. How grammatically on top of things I am.) Normally, I find the way Cameron Diaz's lips move MEGA ANNOYING. And I hate the way she laughs. But in this movie, she was dry and sarcastic and unenthusiastic. So, I could get down with it. Also, I felt vaguely inspired to rim my eyes in black eyeliner to make my eyes pop. But then I thought - I don't have blue eyes - they are hazel. Also, I can't imagine not looking like a hooker. And the hooker look isn't cute on me. I wouldn't terribly mind havin Cameron Diaz's body - but I clearly don't want to give up eating whatever I want whenever I want. Also, I don't want to work out at the current moment. Fingers crossed this'll change. The movies are always good for enjoyin popcorn and trashtastic diet soft drinks and then all through the movie, lookin at skinny hot actresses who are like 45 and thinkin, I'll get hot tomorrow. But, for now, I'ma eat this popcorn.
Added disclaimer: If you think Justin Timberlake is hot - you may change your mind after this movie. Especially the "bedroom scene on the field trip". You're welcome. Don't say I didn't warn you. 


Also - I decided 28 does feel a lot older than 27. And what's worse - 29 is next. BUT - I'm thankful for everyday God gives me. I also decided late 20's is whack when you feel you've accomplished not much. I married my other half. Fo realz. I ain't just sayin that to be cutesy pooh because I don't even enjoy sap-ness. And, I'd like to think I've left some sort of positive mark on at least one kid. But, we don't own property. We don't EVEN live in the same town. We ain't got any kids. My diabetes is totally wild and uncontrolled. I feel so random. For those of you reading who have any sort of thought on this - please - do share. Not so much complaining - I just feel kinda random. Should I feel like I've done more than merely exist by this point? Also, I feel chunky and like suddenly my skin sucks. I need a vacay from myself, I think. Anyone know a good travel agent?


On a positive note - I am excited about Jason Aldean. Pumped. I'm wearin cowboy boots with shorts. I don't care if it's trashy. It's a Jason Aldean concert. Also, I'm psyched about a special tshirt. Mad props to Anj Davis for thinkin it up. I'll show you after it's finished. IF it doesn't suck. I might wear it anyway. Although I'm not sure if it'll top my "I LOVE TWITTY" shirt. Amazing what people born in the 80's and who go to NC STATE DON'T know about Twitty. Seriously?!? Get your mind out of the gutter frands. 

That's all I got for now. Have a fabulous night shug pies. 


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Ashley said...

Your skin is always beautiful. You & Andrew are perfect together, & I'm so glad you found each other! Cowboy Boots are normal at a country concert. When are you going? He comes to Raleigh 09/10 & we will be there!!xoxo