08 August 2011

Just Because I Love Ya ...

I feel like a terrible blog mother, but I am goin to TX tomorrow (WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!), and I ain't half packed, and I gotta get up at like 4am.
*Please pray we don't disintegrate in the heat. 

I will be computerless in TX, although I will have the Droid - which I have never blogged from ... so, I may be sendin' a random pic here and there to let you know what is goin on ... or I may not ... depends on what kind of technological magic I discover while I'm away. 

I did wanna leave y'all with a lil somethin to make sure you know I still love ya.

Below are pics of my weekend. 

With no explanation whatsoever. 

Except - I was not in that crowd of people all up on each other like maggots, or in the truck with the magical paint job. 


Until next time, 


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