27 August 2011

NC Stizzle Represent - Don't Hate

So, I had this plan to blog about our date night last night, complete with something clever to say about how I get my wayyyyy thin hair to look remotely bodacious:

" 'Duckface Davis', that's what the caption should be," ~ my loving husband, Andrew Davis ... thanks shug!

Then, I even thought of doing some sort of satire about "OOTD" which I find to be really strange that people tell the world what they wear everyday. I guess for some of you, someone actually asked. Anyway - I was gonna tell y'all this is what I wore to me and the hubs' date night:

Then I was gonna rub in the fact that the hubs put on his NC Stizzle apron and made me some late night bacon after our night out:

Then, I was gonna tell y'all I learned how to make a real purdy mohito:

I was gonna elaborate about the delicousness of the mango lime salsa we had with some chips as our appetizer tonight at home:

I was gonna remind y'all that all recipes are better with real, straight-up butter:

I was gonna show y'all this beautiful picture of what happens when onions, cucumbers and garden tomatoes get together with a magical vinaigrette. (Y'all know how I love this so.)

I was gonna show y'all my husband's hot married hand makin his woman some thick @** pork chops:

But, then -

the hubs showed me this.

If you are a Stizzle fan, this is a must-see. If you're not, it's still funny. Hello magic.


While this video is FULL OF ABSOLUTE ... I can't even think of an effective enough word, - I'ma need y'all to do me a favor and pay special attention to this sugar lump:

*disclaimer  - the volume SUCKS - if you got speakers, use em!


You are welcome. 



Anonymous said...

There are lots of yummy things in this blog post but you reallly got me wanting a mohito. I've been wanting one for a while. You should send me that recipe. Love your dress!! You look so pretty. Love, your sister Shawna.

Ashley said...

you've really got me craving some tomatoes, cukes & vinegar!! thank the good Lord above for having electricity again...and that NC STATE video is hilarious!! loveeee you beefy :)