26 August 2011

My Brain in List Form

I'm in a list-making kind of mood today. I love random lists of nothingness in the first place. Two good books of lists: 
by Barbara Ann Kipfer

by Gregory Godek
I was further inspired by CMae and Kim and their list-making.   

I love this random vintagey/hippie thing going on right now. I love everything Sydney over at Daybook wears. I start small and cheap with bird-inspired trinkets such as this from good ole Tar-jay: 

I am really lovin the new Pistol Annie's album. I LOVE Miranda already and the two shug pies with her are totally mag as well. There are songs on the album about a housewife wantin to just burn her house down and run away, a woman gettin pissed at her husband and puttin their trailer up for rent, somebody dyin and her greedy lil relatives are there to take everythang she OWNS when she aint been in the grave but a day or two, and more. Hey, sounds like a good time to me. I LOVE their style too.

I still SUCK at cornhole. I used to be decent. I don't know what happened. I need to throw HIGHER - mine just slide right off the board. Me and the fam have been puttin in overtime practicin.

I'm addicted to Arby's Beef n Cheddar combo sans bread. I've mastered the art when in the car. 
1)Pull half of the top bun off and half of the bottom bun off (so you can hold the back end of the sandwich with the remaining bun).
2) Eat the meat slathered in delicious Arby's sauce and cheddar until you get to the remaining bread. 
3) Carefully eat the remaining meat from the bun like a taco.
4) Throw away remaining bun bits. 
A delicious meal sans bread because for me, gluten is the devil. :)

I have no movie review of The Help because we never exactly made it to the movie. We lost a movie goer due to work related pressures, then another team member had to pick her child up from daycare because she had an ear infection. We did finally make it to Durham (our halfway point) to have dinner and still planned to hit the movie afterward. But there was a miscommunication and bottom line - we couldn't be watchin a movie that started at 8:40 that's 2 hours & 20 mins. long on a Wednesday night when we both had to drive another 35 or 40 mins. home. But....we did get to Target: 
and, I found these babies at Belk - I fell in love with them in March, but not $80-love. Guess What?! they were on sale for $25! Pays to wait! ;)
I spend a lot of my time here: 
Hello check engine light. So nice to see you again!
 So I rely heavily on the entertainment of my Ipod. What a magical invention really. Remember CD's y'all? Think back! How it'd have like 8 good songs and 4 majorly sucky ones? Anyhoo, my Ipod has everything from Waylon Jennings to Tupac, throw in a little "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and some Jesus songs. I think this picture describes my musical taste accurately: 

I have been cravin mayonnaise. Can we say omega-3 deficiency? I have been takin turkey deli meat, slatherin it in mayonnaise, addin salt and pepper and rollin it up to eat. Yummation.   


I am fighting the urge to go to the fridge and pop the top on a Coke as we speak.

We ate some of this year's batch of our homemade dill pickles last night. They were yumm-o.
I am SO over blogger altering my spacing and font size alllll by itself. Grrr!!!!!

Happy Friday! I gots a date with the hubs tonight! ;) 



Diana said...

I LOVE THIS LINE..not $80 Love.

Life's such a gamble, ain't it :)

Tracy said...

Bring yo mama some pickle, girl!