29 August 2011

N.....C.....State, NCSTATE!

I'm gettin giddy just thinkin about this: 

Thanks Ma & Pa Cooper for this jewel:
Mmmm....buffalo chicken dip.

I already told y'all, I been practicin', so now I should be as good as someone who say .... just learned how to play like 10 minutes ago. But, hey, I have fun tryin. ;)

I <3 Tom O'brien.
 How can you go wrong with TWO redheads?
And new crazy skin tight uniforms?
And wolf hats?
And the natural high of beating Carolina for FOUR STRAIGHT YEARS IN A ROW?
 Look closely, I love me a lil state trooper at an NC Stizzle football game. Pretty much all other times, y'all can go on somewhere. Thanks.
 Wolf mask + red beret + polarized sunglasses = thebomb.com, duh.

I was there for this, and it will always be one of my favorite things (around :50) :

5 days!



Amber said...

my first occurrence of Fall depression has set in. I can't believe we will not be there on Saturday. Please do not forget about your long-lost tailgating friends :)

Whitney & Devin said...

Shut up... I am in love with this post already. LOVE NC STATE!!!