11 September 2011

Tell Me If This Is Normal ...

Y'all know I said I have that test two tests THIS COMIN SATURDAY. I just opened the books today to think about studying. Even though I have had the books for weeks, and instead of getting started when I got the books or annnny time after that, I just waited until today. After I laid around allllllllll day long. I finally opened the book at like 5:30. My head started to hurt (about 30 mins. later) when I realized I don't know general historical stuff that I should know - like the Emancipation Proclamation, Manifest Destiny, the branches of the government and what they can/can't do. My husband will be SO ashamed of me when he reads this. Let's face it, when I was growin up, math and reading/writing were "important" (based on which subject areas are tested with standardized tests around these parts) and then came science. Social Studies was just randomly the leftover subject, seems like. In my world, no one cared about social studies. I wish it had been instilled in me a little better at a younger age, because as I got older, I had no foundation to add knowledge to, so I just took other classes and now I don't know squat about our country. I am disgusting. And, I was born on the 4th of July! Even worse!!! 

Yet, instead of studying, I have put the book down and decided to blog. I really think I have a mild form of ADD. I cannot and will not get anything done until I am down to the wire. And, then, when I do, I will STRESS MYSELF OUT TO THE MAX - even though it is my own doing! Like, I feel guilty and stressed right now - but I still ain't studyin. I also really struggle to pay attention when people are talking or explaining something. And, it's not that I'm not interested in what they are saying. It's like I can't even focus on eye contact while they are talking without going into another world. And, I have to read everything like 3 times if it involves explaining/teaching me something. And I absolutely CANNOT have someone else read directions/instructions to me ... I have to read it myself or you might as well be whistlin' Dixie. 

Awesome, right? 

Here's what else is goin on other than my guilt and procrastination -

I had the privilege of visitin some pig friends this weekend:

Went to Jason Aldean! Finally! I went with some lovely ladies in ma fam:

My Aunt Weeze. Aka Sandy. Look at her fab Jason T-shirt from last time she went. Ain't she cutie?
My meemaw, Hazel Sue.
(I am proud to say all women in our party wore genuine cowboy boots.)

My mega prissy Mama.

And me: Don't you love that shirt? Best part - it was ma hubs' idea!
This was the back:

People watchin at the Amphitheater/Pavilion/whatever they are callin it this week has always been a fave:

Cousin It's ready to go huntin?

Sometimes your boots hurt when you ain't had time to properly break em in:

Observed behaviors which indicate you need friends to help you draw the line:

1) wearing a dress up to your goodies and then playing corn hole so that you bend totally over, showin everything in the back, then toss the bags reallllly high, so your skirt lifts up to show everything you got in front. PSA - If you're wantin a one-night rodeo, this is the way to make it happen. If you want any sort of decent guy to show you one ounce of respect - not suggested.

2) Begin the first few songs crying while swaying/dancing with your girlfriend, and then alternating grinding yourself into two guys - pick one while the others gone to get you a drink, then switch back when he returns. Both guys leave and you begin to wrap your thighs around the girlfriend who you were cying on earlier in the night. Gross. Self-respect. Get your learn on.

3) Urinating ON THE LAWN WHERE THE CONCERT IS TAKING PLACE = it's time to cut yourself off, people.

Lord, have mercy. 

Having said all that, a good time overall!

Brady hopes you have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!


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