06 September 2011

Pro - crassssssss

Things I Should Be Doing That I Ain't
1) Studying for two major tests that I have in T minus 2 weeks that affect my career that I paid $220 to take

2) Taking a shower since I walked Brady like four hours ago and sweated like the funk after already sweating half the day at work because the AC was broken

3) Calling the Spay/Neuter people ... who are called SNAP ... weird ... for Brady Doesn't it feel nice to get things done? I think I may have said, "Brady, what are you doing, you Suga Pie?" at the end of the message - I thought I'd hung up already. Whoops.

4) Studying.

5)Putting laundry away. 

6) Getting mess ready for my Jason Aldean T-shirt

7) Studying.

8) Vacuuming out the back of my car (cancel that - now it's thunderin & lightnin)

Crap I'm Doing Instead
1) Writing this random as all get out blog post

2) Thinking about what I could wear to the next State game and hoping it'll be cooler

3) Thinking of how I'm going to use my NC State Howl Towels to decorate my room

I may have scavenged them from all over the ground while leaving the game. Don't worry. I washed em, duh!

4) Thinking about the strange twist of luck I've had as of a few hours ago that I don't want to talk about because I'm always afraid of being jinxed

5) Read other people's blogs and wonder WTH they have 3000 followers (Hey - what am I sayin? I clearly only have 21, right? ;) Could this mean that a lot of people don't like me in real non-cyberspace life too?!?! )

6) Watchin Picker Sisters ... I want that life.

7) Thinkin Fantasizing about the Jason Aldean concert. 

8) Wondering what it would be like to be a Pistol Annie

9) Smiling about the fact that our KFC greasy chicken supper came in a Wolfpack bucket tonight: (can y'all tell I'm mega excited that football season is finally here?)

10) Thanking God above for the cooler weather today and listening to the rain just pourrrr down. Man, it sounds delicious!

11) Wishing I wouldn't have drank so much Diet Mt. Dew today. (Is it grammatically correct to say "wouldn't have drank"? Ionno. Make fun of me in the comments if it ain't right. I don't feel like further investigation.) I couldn't help maself. I was about to fall asleep allll. day. long.

12) Listening to Brady D-VOUR his bone. Friends, it is INTENSE. He's so good, he don't EVEN need his hands.

Y'all have a good night and for the love, do something productive. I added the label "lists" to this because this is just how my brain works naturally. Is it just me?!? I feel lots of lists comin on in the future. Call me nutso, but I think we all assume other people's brains work like ours. For example, my mama imagines long term dates as an oval shaped "calendar" ... I guess sort of like how the planets orbit?? ... Whatttt?!? I totally picture a calendar sheet for the month we are in right now...with further dates (be they past or present) as points further down a timeline. Who the hell thinks/talks of things such as this you ask? My fam. 

Mama's brain:

Further - I think all essays and writing used for testing purposes should be accepted in list form only. So direct. To the point. Why are you the right candidate for this job? What do you need from the store? Why does NC State rock? For what reasons do you feel a test should be required to reproduce and to vote? 


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SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

You are too funny, girl! I love your sense of humor.

I couldn't agree with you more about essays and tests only being accepted in list form. Let's start a petition.

SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

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