15 September 2011

Things That Make it Suck Less

Sometimes, things just suck. Period.

If you've been reading recent posts, you realize that I have fallen head over heels in love with this little black suga bear:

Today I got a super yuck-o voicemail from my mom while I was at work.

Brady's owners showed up where we found him and wanted him back.

The impact it had on me after what...three weeks? Was ridiculous. I cried at work. Someone had to cover for me for a bit there.
It took me about 20 minutes to fall madly in love with this animal. We had magical trips together, with his tongue blowing in the wind in the back of my trailblazer. He slept in my room with me every night. He was SO excited to see me everyday when I got home from work. He sat for treats. He licked my face. He left dog hair all over the furniture. I love him so.

But - it made me feel better to know that a poor 12 year old boy had been crying himself to sleep at night missing him. Lol. I just realized how that sounded. I wasn't glad he was crying. But I am glad that Brady is going back to a home where he has been missed and will be welcomed back with open arms. I hope these people will have enough sense to put a chip in him or at least a dang collar with his name on it and a phone number.

Now he can relearn his old name and spend another week or two wondering what in THE WORLD is goin on in his life.

Oh well - never know what tasks the Lord will send your way. I'm glad we were able to give him a good home instead of who knows what happening to him.

I will always love you Brady Boo! even though I was quite upset with you last night when you chewed up my $50 LL Bean slippers. Your new old owners can deal with any digestive issues as a result of your ingesting leather, fleece and shoe strings. Or that time you jumped high enough to tear the pizza box off the table and eat half a pepperoni and black olive pizza - that was just lovely as well.

Soooo ... on a happier note, I'm gonna make a list of stuff that IS AWESOME.

1) Gluten-free living has changed my life - my hair quit falling out, my blood sugars are better, my back and knees quit hurting, I don't get up 123 times to pee every night ... the list goes on and on but I'll spare you the rest. Feel free to email me with questions - I am so an advocate of at least trying to figure out if a food allergy is the cause of one's misery. ;)

2) Crawling in bed at night with my super soft snuggly sheets when I am just EXHAUSTED. (I'll have to FORCE myself to keep walking at night now that Brady has gone to be wif his old family).

3) Ice cold Diet Mt. Dew when I just don't think I can keep on keepin on.

4) Finding a lip shade that works and isn't too goopy or dehydrating.

5) I really can't think of anything else magical right now ... I suck. So much for my plan to write a super long list of things that are wonderful.

What makes stuff suck less for you? Tell me - so I can go try it out!


1 comment:

Diana said...

Dear Beth,

Thanks To You, Brady believes every stranger in the world shares their pizza, their house, and their LL Beans.

You did a Good Thing.

Besides..You Make Pickles, You're My Hero :)