30 October 2011

How I'm Livin

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Below are the details of the exciting life I lead.

My cousin's 18th birthday was this week, and his friend Alex was here from Germany. My mom and I have been wanting to go to a Carolina Hurricanes game, so the four of us went on Tuesday. 

(They sold Red Bridge! Uber-exciting!)


We lost after a shoot out. Oh well.


I dealt with this shiz.

In NC, you have to get your car inspected when you renew your registration. Mine "wasn't ready" because it just had a repair involving the stupid check engine light being on, and it hasn't been driven enough to reset yet. Really? Um, it expires tomorrow. NO I DID NOT WAIT TIL THE LAST MINUTE EXACTLY. I got the problem fixed, tried to get it inspected. Drove around for no reason trying to reset the dang thing. STILL NOT READY. And then, I'd already made plans to go out of town. Thankfully, there is a 15 day grace period. Everybody say a lil prayer for Sylvia and me.

I ran into some jackasses in the mountains of NC.

Look how crooked my tooth looks in that pic.

 I thought about shiz that stresses me out and what things I can do to make my life less stressful.

1) Keep my living and work area CLEAN. This is so hard for me. I totally envy people whose brains just work that way automatically.
OHIO. Only Handle It Once. 
I am forever picking crap up to put it where it goes, wash it, throw it away, etc, and then I will set it down to deal with something else, thereby getting NOWHERE.

2) Go to bed by 10:30. This is hard too. Damn you Blogger and Pinterest. Sad, I know. 

3) Get up 30 minutes earlier than I think I need to, so I can get to work with time to handle emails, organizing, copies, etc. that stress me out throughout the day. 

4) I promised myself I would delete pictures from my phone once they have been uploaded. Dang it.

5) I will read emails and deal with them daily. Not ignore them, and come back to an inbox of 798 and feel overwhelmed.

6) Write things down in my planner immediately.

7) Pay bills when they arrive.

8) Bring crap in from my car right then as opposed to letting it pile up in there for weeks and then, driving around in a mess, whichhhh, stresses me out.


 I was forced to leave little hidden notes under pizza like this:

Because apparently, my brother has these totally absurd notions that I might steal toppings off of his pizza just because they look delicious and I can't eat the gluten-ous bread portion of the pizza.

Crazy, right? Can you believe him?


 Discussed the excitement of fall fashion with Bro-ham.

 He's really excited about Halloween tomorrow night too, lemme tell ya. 

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