07 October 2011

Rise & Shine, Good Mornin, Howdy

Football game tomorrow! I've chosen to focus on what I'm going to wear in order to relieve some of the disappointment of a loss - given our track record so far. 

What AM I going to wear?

It's hard this time of year because it'll be cool, then hot, then cool again ... leggings or jeans .... ??

Sadly, I don't own a red blazer or a magical wolf shirt although I would love to. 

If you love Shug in Boots and plan on buyin me a Christmas gift, and just happen to come across a similar wolf shirt - I would love it. (Sadly, this one's a lil outta my price range at $224).

No to the thank you.

Off to finish my French Vanilla Mint Chocolate Dunkin Donuts with Whip. 

Happy Friday snuggle-pies! 

PS - I get to see Sir Brody today!


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