06 October 2011

Beef, Boots & Biggie

Hello Snookie Pies!



- that is me, for those of you who don't know.
Name given at approximately age 14, by my aunt presumably because it's a common nickname for shugpies named Beth, and not at all because of any physical characteristics I may possess.

timeout - WHY is Obama's voice on TV when I was clearly expectin "Charlotte Today"? Who allowed this? I think they should save one channel for all presidential ish - republican, democrat, whatev, where you can choose to listen to their shiz. Or not. Then, in the downtime, they could play music videos. Thanks.


I am really drawn like a magnet to this socks-visible-with-knee-boots trend. I KNOW I would feel so dumb doing this. I told y'all the other day, this is something I'm working on. But it's everywhere. Like, this is probably happening on college campuses, and in J Crew stores and coffee shops all over Raleigh as I speak. And I really, really like it. Look how adorable this little shug pie looks over at What Would a Nerd Wear. I even stole her picture so you can see. I feel inspired and excited to get dressed every time I read her posts (this is saying a lot when I am currently lounging in my beloved Walmart yoga pants).

And I have those exact boots!


as in Biggie Smalls
Notorious B.I.G.
Big Poppa
Christopher Wallace

timeout again - I am sittin here at the computer gettin my blog on while men walk up to our back porch and just take our stuff and sit it in the grass so they can get their leaf-blow on. Is it weird that they can see me? I feel like I should smile and wave or offer to help. "Hey fellas, thanks for movin our stuff and blowin off our deck. Have a happy Thursday!"

anyway, back to Biggie ...

So, remember the other day when I said I was inspired by fun vintagey, thrifty shugpies like Sydney and Jentine? And how, when I finished my coffee, I was goin to Goodwill? Well, I went, and I didn't come up with any delicious belts, vintage floral dresses or cool clutches, which was sort of my entire reason for going, but I did find this:

Anybody wanna give us a full-length mirror for Christmas?
I do love me some Waylon, and Pistol Annies and Conway Twitty, but on the other extreme, I do LOVE some Biggie Smalls, y'all. And there I was, in Goodwill - staring at it for like 10 minutes, thinkin what in the deuce am I gone do with a 3XL Biggie shirt? A two dollar and 49 cent Biggie shirt? How could I say no? So, I didn't say no. I marched my little self on up to the check out with my vintage floral pillow cases and uber-feminine floral hankie and bought them and my Biggie shirt. All less than $5. Hear that, Anj Davis?

So after the following measures ... 

I did all the cuttin and tyin on the inside to shrink the shirt down, then turned it inside out (which leaves the cutting part hidden on the inside for the most part), and cut off the collar and shortened the sleeves.
And ta-dow!!:

Where will I wear this? Ionno yet. A rodeo? To the pottery shop to make homemade gifts for all my loved ones to cherish? To the Tractor Show (next weekend - so stoked!!) ... the possibilities are endless. 

PS - Boegerlicious gave me a bomb diggity Biggie shirt a few b-days back that actually fit without alterations - seen below - 

THE SHIZ, am I right?- Anj was like, "Man, how'd you get that great big shirt to look like that?!" Psh, I ain't THAT good, shug.

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awesome job on the shirt<shug,