06 November 2011

Withers - Tell Ya Mouf to Stop Writin Checks ...

... Yo program can't cash.

First of all, a little house keepin' -
For you readers who are from far away lands, us NC Staters have a wee bit of a rivalry with the baby blue shug pies over at UNC. But here's something that pisses us ALL off. "Carolina" means UNC. People from other states seem to think it's all "Carolina" and it's interchangeable. 

This is severely false. 

That said, I am normally not a shiz talker. Because it's tacky. Well, this year, their INTERIM COACH decided he had a few things to say about the ACADEMICS at UNC ... especially the "high" graduation rate of their ATHLETES. Well, for those of you who have been under a rock, the baby blue shug pies at UNC have been in a weeeee bit of trouble for paying players, paying people to do the players' work, basically, umm sketchy, fraudulent no-no's that they TOTALLY knew they shouldn't have been doin' that the NCAA happens to heavily frown upon.  
I truly am sorry to all you UNC fans out there. It was a shitty thing to go down, and it's sad the whole university's reputation took a hit because some people in the athletics department were doing STUPID stuff.  
Anyway... Carolina HAS an interim coach because their old coach got fired for said sketchiness/fraudulence, etc (their AD is adios amigos too) ... so their interim coach, who has a job as a result of sketchy coach's firing, had this to say:

That didn't sit well with our coach, so he had this to say:

= errbody's alllll kindsa fired up.

Y'all. I was stressed out. I cannot handle the tension. So, when game day finally got here I was excited. But jittery.


Cut me some slack. It was 7:30 am.

I can truthfully say that I never sat down in the whole game. Not once. My voice was half gone on the way home because I yelled THE WHOLE TIME. Even with this madness going on RIGHT behind us.


Really? WHAT are the odds?
PS - I've never seen the opposing team's band be up in the nose-bleed seats before. Was this done on purpose? ;)

Anyway ...

It was intense. But EVERY. SECOND. WAS. DELICIOUS.

Can we say



Side Note: Carolina did get one touch down. But it was called back ...

for holding.

Here are some faves from the News & Observer:

5 years in a row.



Yeah, it was a good day.

Didn't their mamas tell them cheaters never win?

Dear UNC fans that I like - basketball season is just around the corner. ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta pick out the perfect combination of red, white and black to wear to work tomorrow.




Amber said...

Did you see the Durah Herald today? Love the pic and title - so going in my weekend blog

Ashley said...

I was loving that game...would have been much better if I was there though...wolfpack in the house!! Also, thanks for informing me that we have a player named Manning ;) yeaaa