03 January 2012

Beef Bourguignon ... it's what's for supper


for promoting an evening of comatose delight and couch loafing, thanks to your bomb diggity Beef Bourguignon.


In the words of my husband, "That was a bommmmb ass meal, right there, boyyyy!" Anj was even sophisticated enough to drink red wine with his meal. No thanks. I just can't hang.


But as for the Beef Bourguignon (isn't it fun to say?), I highly recommend. Your belly will be like, "Thank YOU, Giiiiirrrrl!!! (or Boyyyy!!!!!)"

But expect to be out of commission after partaking. Don't say you weren't warned. Shiz ain't nothin to play around wit.


1 comment:

Ivana said...

Oh gosh, this looks so delicious! Perfect winter comfort food!

xx Ivana

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