28 January 2012

DJ Shug Bone - Hits in '95

Whattup Middle School Dance?

{Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio}

{Creep - TLC}

{Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days) - Monica}

{Dear Mama - Tupac}

{Every Little Thing I Do - Soul For Real}

These just brought back a flood of unpleasant memories.

FILA shoes (wth?)
Starter jackets. (Ralph.)
Chicks' obsession with Limited Too matching sweatshirts and scrunchies. (bleck.)
Skating rink lock ins. (Where SKANKASS peeps with stringy greasy hair would stand between video games and make out. Whuuuuuuufff!)

Never wanna go back to that place. Ever.
But the music was good.

1 comment:

A.B. said...

Oh my lawwwwwwwd! I haven't heard those songs in forever! Remember hypercolor shirts and tight rolled jeans? HEEHEE I don't want to go back there either... Cute Post and you are giving me tunes to listen to at work...hell yes!