06 January 2012

if your wisdom teeth are gone, are you still smart?

Hello Shugpies,

As you may have read, my dear husband, Anj got three wisdom toofies extracted yesterday.

Thangs were beastly lookin:



What in THE world is that extra stuff lookin like some coral growin on that middle one? Eww!

But - in and out. The nurse called him back, and it wasn't much more than thirty minutes later before we were gettin our NPR on in the car.

Off we went, with a lot of gauze, a rinsing syringe and a wobbly-legged Anj Davis.

Anj Pie has ice on both sides, with the assistance of some socks, tied on top, and a hoodie to hold them in place.

But he's survivin. He's been gettin his learn on, rest assured. He's got PBS, his phone, and Kindle to entertain him.




And me.


PhotobucketDon't worry. I cleaned up after that filthy, disgusting person who put all that shiz all over the bathroom counter and mirror. 

Anj is SO GLAD to have a wifey to dance around, feed him yogurt, puddin, mashed potatoes and apple sauce, and to replace his ice socks, and to kiss him on the forehead and smile at him every 15 minutes. SO, SO lucky, what I'm talkin bout.

Thanks for your kind words and prayers. So far, he is doin' juuuuuuust fine, indeed.

I was thinkin back to the two times I got mine out -
.... the first time I was like 14, about to get braces, and had anesthesia to have 3 removed. I remember the IV, and the gas. I remember wakin up and the idiot nurse trying to get me to drink juice THROUGH A STRAW when I came to (because I'm diabetic) ... I'm like, 1) I cannot feel my face, you IDIOT. How do you thank I'm gone drank dissssssssss? 2) Shouldn't I NOT be drinkin through a straw, MO-RON? ... I cried a lot, and my mom was like, "Umm, is she okay?" And the nurse was like, "Yeah, it's just a side effect of the anesthesia, she's not actually feeling any pain." Psh. Bonus: Looked like a camoflauge chipmunk for a week ... in high school. Hotness.

...second time, I was 25, and the fourth wisdom tooth miraculously appeared (?) and took over a year to grow in ... which it never actually did, technically ... and sumbitch was infected and HURT-IN! I went to the dentist for a cleaning, and he sent me straight to the oral surgeon to have it removed. Just two shots of Novacaine, some headphones with some Metallica, and I watched him drill a hole in my tooth so he could stick a sharp hook in it (the kind you always see on toothpaste commercials), and yank that baby out. Saved it. (Anj and I are weird?) Tried to brave that one without any meds. FAIL. My mama came to check on me, and there I was, grown arse woman, cryin'. Rockin back and forth on the couch. Whew. Got that taken care of in a jiffy. It got infected again (stayed infected from bein infected in the first place?) ... had a golf ball sized, feverish knot on the outside of my face, both ears closed up and I could hear and feel my voice on the inside of my head only. Had to call back Mr. Smithe there for some antibiotics. Good times.

How bout y'all? I KNOW y'all got some good stories bout gettin your teeth jacked. Now, let's hear em ... down there ... below.... in the comments section. It'll make my day. :)


christine donee said...

ultimate black mail photos? post-wisdom-teeth-removal-chipmunk- look-a-like-awesomeness.

Emily G said...

As far as teeth go, mine are pretty jacked! Had a canine tooth go missing (was floating in the roof of my mouth) and they went in and cut my mouth open and lassoed (sp?) it to a wire, which was attached to my braces. Each time I went to the orthodontist, he tightened that sumbitch to pull that missin tooth down in to place. Having my 4 wisdom teeth removed was nothing, since they put me to sleep for it. I did however get "dry socket". Now, that did hurt. Went away after I went in to the oral surgeon's office to have them clean it out. No biggie!! Ain't that some shiznit?!

two birds said...

i think it's odd that they let you keep the teeth?\! so weird, but kind of cool. just a cup of teeth! i am glad to hear he is feeling better. i can't believe you had to do it twice! when i got mine removed, it was the first kind of dental work i ever had done, so i was terrified!

Tracy said...

I still have all of mine, so when I tell you something- remember that I have all that wisdom.