24 January 2012

Newty pooty, Obama yo mamma - please pass the gravy

Today was a good day ....

because first of all, I actually got some stuff done at work which means the rest of my week/month will be a frog hair less stressful.

And - I came home and discovered that KFC fries (totally forgot they had fries) dipped in their fake arse gravy is mayjahly delicious:


but not gluten free, unfortunately for my knees, back, hair, blood sugars, etc.

Not fat and calorie free either. I made an honest effort and ran/walked to the end of the neighborhood and back with Sir Broham. Hey, gotta start somewhere, right? Dude - you people who run, Wow. More power to ya. No thanks.

And here's a tid bit, that I'd like to share because it's my blog. 

I HATE how suddenly, everyone gives a shiz about what's goin on in the world. They got ALLLLL the answers. A plan to save the world. Or, they stupidly believe that any one being is going to get elected and suddenly fix all the shiz that the last idiot screwed up. Hellllllllo. Did you fall off a turnip truck, shug? 
Y'all know the ones - The current president ain't doin enough. Or everything is the past president's fault and that's why this president sucks. Blah, blah, blah. 
Or ... people who think they, personally, know every politician's real agenda. Gimme a break, people. Politicians lie. Sure, some are better than others, but you are not an expert on what is truly going on inside their brains. So, SPARE THE REST OF US. Please - stop talking. In general. Thank you. Or start a blog, so if people give a shiz what you have to say they can read it by choice and not because you are plastering it everywhere or bringin it up at work and makin people SUFFAH through your political shizzzzzzzzzzz. What you are doing is pissing people off and making them vote against your candidate for spite. Do your candidate a favor and STOP. I'll tell you who's gonna help us - Jesus Christ himself. And that'll be about it, friends.

Thanks for comin out.

Have a lovely Tuesday.


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A.B. said...

Girrrrrrrl, I'm witcha on the election time. It gets so frustrating and you never know what to believe in the first place. And, you are so right Only Jesus himself can and will help us.