29 February 2012

random inconveniences/annoyances - because I love lists

1) I really want a Frosty from Wendy's or a Hot Fudge Sundae with Nuts from McDonald's but I am too lazy to go get it.

2) I'm ready to crawl in bed with a magazine, but the sheets are layin on it in a ball because I (stupidly) washed them today.

3) My hair is getting on my nerves because it is not long enough to wear up every single day of my life.

4) I look ghostly pale, per some pics I was in this weekend. But, I don't want to tan because I don't want wrinkles when I'm older and I don't feel like slathering fake tanner all over my body because I am scared it will look streaked, and I also think it's not good that it seeps into your skin and basically stains it dark brown/orange.

5) For two weeks, I've had to drink bottled Diet Mt. Dew because the can machine was out. I don't like bottled drinks because they don't stay cold as long, and they get flatter faster because of all the swishing back and forth when you turn the bottle up and down, up and down, up and down.
I am giving up my Diet Mt. Dew habit. I am severely cutting back on Diet Mt. Dew.

6) I wanted to eat a high carb snack a bit ago, but that would mean I'd have to change my pump site first because there's not enough insulin left in it. No thanks. I'll just eat low carb.

7) I hate my new zit issue. I also hate washing my face and putting "treatment" on it. I've never had to deal with such shiz before. Booooo.

8) I hate the new mascara I bought. It is clumpy. I hate when that happens. I want it to run out fast because I hate waste. Maybe I will start wearing like 8 coats a day and look like Twiggy Ramirez so I can get through it with the quickness. (FYI - I think the regular old "Falsies" is better.)

9) I also dislike it when you write on a post-it and then go to peel it off the pad, and realize the shiz is UPSIDE DOWN because it's one of those annoying accordion ones. Arghhhh!

10) The regular version of my Bare Escentuals foundation is lighter than the SAME SHADE in matte. What? Fraud.

Rejoice! It is the conclusion of "Hump" Day. Dos mas!

PS - Come see Shug on Pinterest if you feel so inclined.



Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Haha you are hilarious! I hate putting the bed together after washing the sheets too! And as far as tanning...dont do it! Wrinkles suck. Have you ever done a spray tan? I actually love those!

Katie said...

Love McDonalds hot fudge! I would skip the nuts though.

Try those moist towelette tanning things...I think they still make them I used them a few years ago, they worked great- much less messy. I cant remember the brand though sorry- Loreal maybe? Def came in a tan colored package.

Unless you are like completely hooked on bare minerals, you should try pur minerals- same premise but comes in a pressed powder form. I use that but then follow it up with the moisturizing mineral veil from bare minerals. Love Ulta! (even though its bad for my wallet.

Happy Thirsty Thursday beefy :) (just dont celebrate with the dew)

lucia m said...

love it!!