30 March 2012

Target // dairy before bed = no bueno

Part 1: {Target}

So, after my shittay day yesterday, we went to Target last night and I bought these items:

1 - elf facial whip  (compare to Benefit's High Beam - I've never tried High Beam, but anyhoo, this elf goodness was $1, not $24)


2 - elf mineral primer (compare to Bare Escentuals primer - again, this is $6 not $22)

 I will let y'all know how these work out, k?

3 - Also, I bought this: (totally "ineffective", but tryin to lay off the caffeine train, frands. Not good for all the ridiculous people/shiz in my life that cause me STRESS.)
Part 2: {dairy before bed = no bueno}

1 - The other night, I ate some Greek yogurt right before bed. 

Y'all - holy shizzam. Madness ensued. It was like I was in a movie all night. Not a good movie. It started off with Andrew beein like 40 lbs. heavier, wearin a robe and some pink sweatpants on the side of the streets ... reminded me of Old School.


Yikes. Then he got hot and wanted to take the pink sweatpants off. In the middle of the street.

Other portions of this never ending dream included the cute pharmacist from CVS at my house. Love her and all. I mean, she is SO HELPFUL all the time. But - she was in my bedroom. With my husband. Say what? I gouged her in the forehead with a hard plastic tube of lip gloss.

Then - we were at the endocrinologist, where Anj was gonna get his A1c checked too. But it was gonna cost $600. And I was like, nosir. And the nurse kept smiling and she was just gonna do it anyway, and I was like, "Look, b*&^%, clearly you got some S*&^ disconnected. You can draw blood from his vein all you want, but I ain't payin you no $600. Period."  

(Anj is still chunkalicious and half clothed in his robe during allllll of this.)

Continuing on ... while we were waiting to be called back by the doctor, there was a Good Will conveniently connected to the lobby. Sooo ... we were browsing through 80's junk. Found one cowboy boot and was pissed because I couldn't find the matching one. 

2 - Clearly, I don't learn from mistakes, so last night, I ate a big arse bowl of yogurt again before bed. 

Dreamed I was strapped to the bottom of the airplane ... and I had secured my own safety belts, and we were flying over the ocean, and I'm just prayin I don't fall off and die. Whaaaat??


Suddenly, we were taking a little pit stop or somethin, and now I am inside the plane, which was barely glued together, and all these people were super under the influence and laughing about everything and I was like, "For God's sake. We gone die!" 

I don't even remember the rest. 


Happy Friday shugs!


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Anonymous said...

I love the Facial Whip! Use it everyday as a highlighter to make me look like a supermodel, bah!!!