29 April 2012

my weekend ...

* a Zaxby's grilled chicken salad and some toppings off some pizza (no gluten, no carb spikage)

* a birthday party for the bro

* Brody nipping his ball in the air ... BAM!! ... right between hubs' eyes

* on that same night -  the back of my skull + lift-up/roll-over while Anj is also rolling over + Anj's face = Anj's bloody nose at 1:00 am

Exhibit A: pillowcase
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* a new dress

* car accident = dude who looked hypnotized driving his car head-on into my mom's car - at a gas pump

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* $16 worth of BBQ and stew, and a 2-liter Diet Coke that we never consumed

* driving over an hour for a reunion ... and some confusion that maybe wasn't a reunion after all?

* some senior portraits

* back at the same BBQ place about an hour and a half later - this time for burgers - that we actually did eat.

* good food, good friends, a couple episodes of Total Blackout, and a dog named Bo

* some sausage, eggs, and cheese scrambled together

* spring cleaning of vehicles party - Sylvia looks fresh (and she got some fresh air in her tires, thx to hubs) and Anj's truck got a new Mr. Wuf sticker ... whoop! whoop!




* after cleanin up Sylvia, sweatin and lookin funk, I decided I might as well get my redneck woman on and get some sun on my casper white legs


* Brody also enjoyed the sunshine, and enjoyed the latest from Southern Living 


Hope your weekend was full of fabulous.

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