14 May 2012

lots of sax, cheaters, and an amateur in the white house

duh. you dono?

1) this weekend, me and the Hubs Davis went to the airport overlook. there was an older man parked in his truck beside us. he struck up a conversation with us, and he shared that he drives up about four times a year (from about an hour away) to watch the planes. but, he is terrified of flying and said you couldn't pay him enough to "fly in one of them thangs". isn't it interesting? one is more likely to die in a car accident than in a plane crash.

2) children write things that are unintentionally inappropriate/humorous .... in a letter to ben roethlisberger: "Do you get sax a lot?" ... aka ... "Do you get sacked a lot?"

3) my brother's dog is a freak. she comes over and chases Brody around and tries to basically lick the entire inside of his mouth with her too-big-for-her-mouth tongue. freak, i say. i seriously became nauseated.

4) as i was driving this weekend, i was reminded once again what a blessing it is to live in such a beautiful place. i love nc. here's to hoping that our "image" of being backwoods and redneck is keeping people who think shit like that somewhere else.

5) so far, i have tried gluten free pizzas from mellow mushroom and brixx. mellow mushroom = tasty, but the texture is a little different, and it's not good reheated. brixx = major difference in texture and not good. that's just my two cents. has anyone tried domino's?

6) i hate it when people try to guilt trip you every time you are around them. then they are baffled as to why you don't want to hang out all the time.

7) the charlotte knights baseball stadium is not in charlotte. it is not even in nc. weird, right?

8) i wish you could buy mixed nuts without the cashews. they are sweet and soft and dis.gust.ing.

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9) i much prefer waylon over johnny. blasphemy in austin, apparently. sue me.

10) i love anj davis. i think he smells delicious. he will be embarrassed that i wrote this.

11) now unc's got african american studies classes goin on ... MINUS an actual professor and real grades. nice. am i on glue, or is this for real?

12) The Amateur - I have not read this. And I clearly won't. But the thought of Oprah bein pissed because she prostituted herself out to his campaign and now they don't want her ass over for supper makes me smile. Duh. What was she thankin?


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